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Emotional Attachment: 4 Unhealthy Signs You Fall Too Soon

After another lengthy and mentally taxing fight with the narcissist, it’s common to find yourself wondering, “how did I ever get myself into this mess?” You’re certainly not to blame for the abuse

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Shattering The Ugly Cycle: 3 Reasons Why You Keep Falling For Narcissists

It feels different this time. You tell yourself that you know the warning signs, and this potential new partner doesn’t have them. No, they are compassionate and generous. The bad luck has finally ended,

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How to Shut Down the Narcissist During the Silent Treatment

Would you like to learn how to shut down the narcissist during the silent treatment? Wondering how to turn the tables on a narcissist? If you’re like me, you may have been through multiple episodes of

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Feeling Guilty About Implementing the No Contact Rule?

You’ve probably heard of the ‘No Contact Rule’.  It’s long been touted as a way to ignore someone who broke up with you as a means to make them miss you and want you back. Dating

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9 Secret Signs of Narcissism You Can’t Miss Once You Notice Them

Sometimes narcissists fly under our radar. Not every narcissist is a puffed-up gym rat or a Mean Girl like Regina George. If they were, we could see the signs from a mile away and steer clear. No, plenty

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Being Angry over Abuse Doesn’t Make You a Narcissist: It’s Righteous Anger

It’s a situation every victim of narcissistic abuse finds themselves in. After yet another argument, you ask yourself, “am I really being irrational? Maybe I’m the narcissist.” You’re understanding,

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These 7 Traits Make You Vulnerable to Narcissistic Manipulation

Some people find themselves in a relationship with a narcissist, claw their way out, and do their best to write-off or avoid other narcissists for the rest of their lives. Others are simply magnets for

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Can Narcissism Be Cured? Too Many Tricksters Are Providing False Claims

Can narcissism be cured? Better yet, can a person’s love cure the narcissist? It’s an interesting and tantalizing question. Can there be a cure to the absurd and devastating insanity so many partners

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The Dark Neuroscience Behind Falling in Love: What You Need to Know

We all covet those mesmerizing, fleeting moments of falling in love. That rush! Those endorphins! Their smile! It’s electrifying and magnetic. The world finally makes perfect sense, and our lucky stars

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Stop Focusing On Narcissist Types and Start Investigating These Toxic Red Flags

A simple Google search for narcissist types yields over 3 million results. These list-based articles have altruistic intentions, as most authors seek to politely educate unsuspecting victims of the narcissist’s

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