Frustration. Sorrow. Anxiety. Doubt. Even Fear.

You didn’t intend to be in this situation – and certainly couldn’t have predicted it – but here you are.

It’s as if the world has stopped. Nothing has been the same for a long time. You’ve tried so hard to get over it – to feel normal again – to be yourself again. But, your relationship is ruining your life, and you feel like you have lost a part of yourself.

You might also be overwhelmed by expectations from others. Healing yourself doesn’t seem possible – and maybe you feel like giving up. You feel alone, empty, broken, and you need someone to talk to. Despite their best intentions, family and friends are unable to understand.

Your life is at a crossroads. You know you have to choose, but which way should you go? Nothing has worked, and you are at a loss as to what to do next.

And you wonder: Will I ever feel normal again?

My narcissistic abuse recovery program, Break Free, has been voted a favorite Online Recovery Program for Narcissistic Abuse by mental health professionals and spiritual healers alike— a healing resource that’s improved the lives of brave thrivers all over the world.

The Beginner's Freedom Email Series

The free 14-Day Freedom Email Series is designed to help you break free from narcissistic and emotional abuse. Each email focuses on a different aspect of abuse and provides tips and strategies to help you understand narcissistic behaviors and what's going on behind the curtain.

beginner's email series

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