Kim Saeed:  Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program
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13 Unsettling Things Narcissists Do When They Think No One Is Looking

If you’ve spent any time in a relationship with a narcissist, there has likely come a time when you developed a burning desire to know the things narcissists do when they’re by themselves. If we’re

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8 Things You Need From a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program

Living in the death grips of narcissistic abuse feels like you’re stuck in a spiraling black hole you’ll never get out of. Like an addict, you feel that every choice in your life led you to this horrible

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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery and The Rule of Seven

It’s essential for people to have a healthy level of self-esteem, but narcissism is when someone has too much of a good thing. Narcissists have an inflated sense of ego that makes them feel and act

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Why the Narcissist is Not There for You in Your Time of Need

Have you made the devastating discovery that the narcissist is not there for you when you need them the most? Have they met you with cold indifference when your emotions were in peril, sending you into

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5 Tips to Avoid Users When Dating After Narcissistic Abuse

Have you ever met someone when dating after narcissistic abuse, felt a connection with them, and later, you discovered they were highly manipulative? How often have you gotten excited about someone you

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Are You Dealing With a 100% Narcissist?

You’ve read thousands of articles. You’ve completed more checklists than Martha Stewart. But still, you wonder…am I dealing with a 100% narcissist? What if they’re only a narcissist some of the

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How to Deal with the Silent Treatment and Gain the Upper Hand

So you want to know how to deal with the silent treatment and gain the upper hand, huh? You can almost smell victory. And among the thousands of articles out there, all promising you instant results and

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5 Things To Never Do If You Think You’re Dealing With A Narcissist

While some love can be blind, other love can be downright toxic and debilitating. As an adult, it is your responsibility to secure your well-being. If you’re dealing with a narcissist, the decisions

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The Scary Truth Between Toxic Home Environments and Adverse Childhood Experiences

Home should be a place of comfort, safety, and unconditional love. Home is where children learn, grow, and develop their identities. Ideally, it is where they should feel supported and nurtured by their

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