narcissistic abuse support

There are 2 ways to work with me as your coach:


If you want the opportunity to talk with me one-on-one; if you value personal attention above all else and desire the kind of hand-holding that ensures the greatest possible results...

If you need someone to talk to who can validate your experience and give you clarity and encouragement, explore my coaching options here:  Sessions With Kim

Have access to our private forum in the my private Community for The Break Free Program.  I'm in the group at several times a week to answer questions and offer support.

What Will I Get Out of Coaching?

Where we start depends entirely on your circumstances…

If you are searching for the answers to questions such as:

“Where do I go from here?”

“How do I rebuild by life?”

“How do I avoid another emotionally abusive relationship?”

… and “What do I do to get over this pain and live a joyful life?”

These questions, and more, are answered when you sign up for one of my coaching options.

My philosophy is simple: heal your life, move forward, and live your best life yet.

So if you’re here to gain the freedom that comes from healing and balancing your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul —

...and you are ready and willing to make transformative changes in your life …

...and you know that simply talking about your experiences isn't enough to propel you forward...

...and if these words are speaking to you, then know that you have come to the RIGHT place.

 By taking control of your own destiny, uncovering your blind spots, and learning how to break old ways of thinking and living, you will have instant power and control over your life. Better yet, you’ll have internal peace in knowing you’re going to make all the right decisions in your future relationships.

To get access to this experience, choose the option that best describes the kind of personal attention you desire.

Warmest wishes and many thanks,