narcissistic abuse support

Hi, I'm Kim.

In an abusive relationship and in need of support? Recently ended a toxic relationship but don't understand what happened? Do the details I provide offer a glimpse into your private life and close relationships?

I offer compassionate listening and allow you to be seen, heard and understood.  I provide a space for you to share any and all thoughts, feelings and ideas without judgement.

I help you discover how to stop accepting less than love, care, trust and respect from anyone, including yourself. 

I see a phoenix in everyone – that part of humans that’s ready for the fire of dissolution.

All it takes is a willing spirit.  Book your session here.

What Will I Get Out of a Coaching Session or Sessions?

Where we start depends entirely on your circumstances…

If you are searching for the answers to questions such as:

“Where do I go from here?”

“How do I rebuild by life?”

“How do I avoid another emotionally abusive relationship?”

… and “What do I do to get over this pain and live a joyful life?”

These questions, and more, are answered when you sign up for my coaching sessions.

Sometimes it feels like we can't always tell the people in our lives about our experiences with an abusive relationship. Perhaps we lack good listeners in our life or lack the time and energy to find the right resources we need.  Sometimes we drive people away because all we can seem to talk about is our relationship issues...and well-meaning loved ones just can't process or hold the space for us any longer.

...if these words are speaking to you, then know that you have come to the RIGHT place.

By taking control of your own destiny, uncovering your blind spots, and learning how to break old ways of thinking and living, you will have instant power and control over your life. Better yet, you’ll have internal peace in knowing you’re going to make all the right decisions in your future relationships.

To get access to this experience, explore my services and choose the option that best describes the kind of personal attention you desire.

Warmest wishes and many thanks,