Talking about Narcissists… and Woundology

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An insightful post by one of my favorite blogging buddies. Visit her site to read more of her articles on the topic of Narcissism…

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shirl says July 1, 2014

Kim he seems to not take the word no well so I asked him to stop with the foolishness of text once a week. That was two weeks ago and have not heard back, right now he is in the mist of love bombing some 43 year old new victim now. He is 60 however his mentally is about 40 or younger, As of now my phone is blocked. One question…. What is up with the narc not returning your personal property???? Before I went no contact I asked for an item to be returned and was ignored. Just wondering what that is about

shirl says June 28, 2014

I find when I overload myself about reading about this disorder I feel like I am relieving it over again. Now have learned enough to know it was all a lie and I need to get back to the business of healing myself. Seems like every woman he has been involved with have ended up with some kind of health issues. I left him in April and since then he would send me a text once a week which he is now with the other woman who does not have a clue what he is. I.e. his next victim. Narcissist game playing is how I view the text routine. Am Iright??

    Kim Saeed says June 28, 2014

    Yes, Shirl…you’re indeed correct. If you really want to get on with healing, I would highly recommend blocking his number from your phone. That way you won’t get the occasional phone-bomb. As long as there is one tiny inlet for contact, you will never truly heal…

catherine says June 26, 2014

Dear Kim:

I have a very important question to ask you. Since two and half years ago i walked out from the relationship, and since then i have been learning and reading all i can about narcissism. My question is, Is this studying and learning keeping me in the past with him? am i causing myself to relive the pain and anguish by doing step work to free myself from the bond? am i staying a “victim”?

love and light

    Kim Saeed says June 27, 2014


    Learning about Narcissism is a very important step in our recovery. However, as you said, there does come a time when we’ve learned all we need to learn about it, and to continue collecting information on the Ex’s disorder does indeed keep us in the past.

    Yes, in some ways you are re-abusing yourself…but don’t beat yourself up because we all do it. Now that you understand what’s going on, you can make the conscious choice to start healing and learning about yourself instead.

Anonymous says June 26, 2014

Amazing post..I’m blown away

    Kim Saeed says June 29, 2014

    Thanks! 🙂

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