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Non-Attachment for Dummies

This article is about the concept of non-attachment (in the tongue-in-cheek spirit of the “Dummies Books” series).    The human condition allows us to experience an entire galaxy of emotions. 

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7 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

One of the elements of attracting positivity into our lives is the concept of “raising our vibration”.  You know… getting into the flow; feeling giddy; wallowing in our own awesomeness, etc.  There’s

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Invoking Your Inner Magic 8-Ball

I’ve often thought it would be pretty neat to have a life coach.  My very own personal motivator to help me uncover the answers, empower me to be my best, and stop me from making spontaneous, careless

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Mind Vitamins….


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Moments of Self-Loathing

I know, seems dark and in contrast to having good vibes ‘n all, but I’m on to something here.  Bear with me 🙂 This morning I spent some time reflecting on the human condition and specific

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Doing What’s Comfortable or…..Living Your Dream?

Yesterday, my post 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Get A Job was a big success.  I am beyond excited that my words resonated with so many people.  It’s more proof that as soon as we stop straining,

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The Power of Conscious Awareness….. Accepting God’s Gifts

There has been an ongoing debate for centuries about Man’s ability to understand consciousness, or simply, our true awareness of ourselves.  Even before The Secret; even before Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay

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