He is the Lie…From Hello to Goodbye

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~  M.L. Gallagher – Author of The Dandelion Spirit

He is the lie, from hello to good-bye.

I love you to I hate you. You’re beautiful to you’re ugly.

It was all a lie.

And I have no room in my life today for lies.

When friends or my family ask, but what about this, or what about that, I tell them. It was all a lie. There was no truth in him.

If I spend my time trying to figure out fact from fiction, all I am doing is trying to prove — I wasn’t so stupid. See, this was true. That’s why I fell in love with him.

Truth is. I fell in love with him because I believed his lie.

When I discovered the truth, I was so enmeshed in his lie that I couldn’t find the truth in me. And so I sank.

He did a lot of horrible, terrorizing things to ensure I stayed hooked into his lies.

In accepting the truth that what he did was based on lies, I am able to accept that the hooks are also lies — and in that truth comes the power to let them go.

Every so often he’ll sneak up into the back pockets of my mind and settle in for a little visit.

That’s when I have to turn up for me and say, go away. There is nothing in you I believe in. Everything in me I do.

And when the tears and fears and sorrow become too great, I simply breathe, look up into the sky and see once again the limitless possibilities of my life today.


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Sara Elizabeth Coley says October 21, 2020

This was my marriage to him. Nothing is real with someone who is false. These people promise a dream and deliver only nightmares, nightmares that last many years later.

tvjackiem says June 4, 2015

That is all you can count on with a narcissist, is for them to lie. They believe their own lies so no use trying to point it out to them.

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