Defending Against Wetiko

5 Powerful Practices for Empaths in Defending Against Wetiko Influence

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In the societal landscape of our modern world, a sinister force lurks, preying upon the empathic and highly sensitive among us. This force, known as “Wetiko” in Native American traditions, is a mind-virus that spreads like an insidious contagion, infecting hearts and souls with its toxic tendrils of negativity, fear, and spiritual sickness.

For empaths and highly sensitive persons (HSPs), the threat posed by Wetiko is particularly potent. With their heightened sensitivities and deep attunement to the energies around them, these individuals are vulnerable to being overwhelmed by the darkness and despair that Wetiko propagates. Like a noxious fog seeping into every crevice, Wetiko can cloud the senses, distort perception, and erode the foundations of inner peace and clarity.  Yet, armed with potent practices drawn from the wellspring of conceptual wisdom, empaths and HSPs can fortify their spiritual armor in defending against Wetiko.

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Defending Against Wetiko: The Shadow of the Collective

Before exploring defenses, it’s crucial to understand the nature of Wetiko, for it lurks insidiously in the collective subconscious, shaping the very fabric of our reality.

Originating from indigenous cultures of North America, Wetiko embodies a spiritual affliction, a psychosis that infects humanity’s psyche and feeds on the very soul of humankind. It materializes through greed, consumption, and the relentless pursuit of power, distorting perceptions and fostering disconnection from the web of life.

According to Paul Levy, author of Awaken in the Dream and Dispelling Wetiko, “The devilish Wetiko virus, like a vampire, if left to its own devices, not only has no power but would die, as it is only able to exist if there is someone seemingly outside of itself on whom it can feast.”

Wetiko thrives on fear, naivety, and unconsciousness, perpetuating cycles of suffering and discord. This elusive force deludes its hosts into believing that consuming the life force of others, encompassing all forms of life on Earth, is a rational and morally acceptable way of existence. Once infected by Wetiko, individuals are perceived to have relinquished their humanity, morphing into wild creatures devoid of rationality, consumed by unrestrained excesses and without remorse.

The Wetiko virus fosters an illusion of separation, making the person believe they are isolated and elevating their ego to a position of supreme importance. As a result, the infected individual succumbs to the relentless desires of their ego, even at the expense of others and the world at large.

But fear not, for there are powerful practices that can fortify the defenses of empaths and HSPs, shielding them from Wetiko’s corrosive influence. These practices are beacons of light that can pierce through the murky veil, illuminating the path to spiritual sovereignty and emotional resilience.

1 – Cultivate Radical Presence

One of the most potent antidotes to Wetiko’s insidious grip is the practice of radical presence. By anchoring oneself firmly in the here and now, empaths and HSPs can reclaim their power and resist being swept away by the currents of fear, anxiety, and negativity that Wetiko thrives upon.

Radical presence involves a deep attunement to the present moment, a conscious decision to inhabit the body fully, and a willingness to embrace the richness of sensory experience. Through practices like listening to their body’s signals and accepting feedback from reality as opposed to creating false narratives in their minds, empaths and HSPs can cultivate a sense of rootedness and stability that serves as a potent shield in defending against Wetiko’s destabilizing effects.

2 – Embrace Energetic Hygiene

Just as we maintain physical hygiene to safeguard our bodily health, empaths and HSPs must practice energetic hygiene to protect their subtle energetic fields from the toxic influences of Wetiko. This involves consciously managing the energies one absorbs and conscientiously clearing and cleansing one’s auric field.

Techniques like energy shielding, visualization, and spiritual cleansing rituals can be powerful tools in this endeavor. Imagine surrounding yourself with a luminous sphere of protective light, or visualize releasing any accumulated negative energies into the earth to be transmuted. Practices like smudging with sacred herbs, taking ritual baths, or working with crystals can also aid in energetic cleansing and fortification.

It’s also worth noting that energetic hygiene includes cutting ties with toxic individuals, manipulators, and abusers.  Otherwise, practicing energetic protection while keeping toxic people in one’s life is akin to shoveling the sidewalk while it’s still snowing.

Paul Levy’s insight from “Awaken in the Dream” and “Dispelling Wetiko” unveils a profound truth about the insidious nature of the Wetiko virus. This parasitic force, akin to a vampire, thrives on the energy it siphons from others, akin to feasting on the life force of its victims. However, Levy’s observation goes beyond mere metaphorical comparison; it underscores the crucial importance of detachment from toxic individuals who embody the traits of exploitation and abuse.

By recognizing that the Wetiko virus relies on external sources to sustain itself, Levy highlights the necessity of severing ties with those who perpetuate its influence. Toxic individuals who exhibit exploitative and abusive behavior serve as conduits for the manifestation of Wetiko’s malevolent energy. They draw sustenance from the suffering and turmoil they inflict upon others, feeding the insatiable hunger of the virus.

Detaching from such individuals disrupts the parasitic cycle, depriving the Wetiko virus of its primary source of nourishment. It is akin to withdrawing the lifeblood upon which the vampire thrives, rendering it powerless and ultimately leading to its nonexistence. In doing so, individuals reclaim sovereignty over their own energy and protect themselves from the corrosive effects of Wetiko’s influence.

3 – Engage in Shadow Work

Wetiko often exploits the unconscious fears, traumas, and unresolved wounds that reside within our psyches, using these vulnerabilities as gateways to sow its seeds of spiritual sickness. To fortify against this, empaths and HSPs must courageously engage in shadow work – the process of consciously exploring and integrating the disowned aspects of the self.

Through practices like journaling, inner child work, and archetypal exploration, individuals can shed light on the darkest corners of their psyches, transmuting trauma into wisdom and transforming pain into power. By reclaiming and reintegrating these shadowy aspects, empaths and HSPs can become more whole, more resilient, and less susceptible to Wetiko’s manipulations.

4 – Nourish the Soul

In the battle against Wetiko, nourishing the soul is akin to fortifying a fortress. By cultivating spiritual practices that ignite the inner flame of divine connection, empaths and HSPs can tap into a wellspring of strength and resilience that transcends the limitations of the physical realm.

Practices like prayer, meditation, sacred song, or engaging with nature can serve as powerful conduits for soul nourishment. Seek out traditions, teachings, and communities that resonate with your deepest values and aspirations, allowing them to infuse your life with meaning, purpose, and a sense of profound belonging.

However, nourishing the soul also requires the courage to recognize and sever ties with toxic relationships that threaten to erode one’s spiritual well-being. Wetiko often operates through interpersonal dynamics, using emotional manipulation, gaslighting, and energetic vampirism to drain empaths and HSPs of their vitality and clarity.

It is crucial to cultivate the discernment to identify such toxic bonds, whether they manifest as romantic partnerships, familial ties, friendships, or professional associations. These relationships can act as conduits for Wetiko, perpetuating patterns of abuse, codependency, and spiritual harm.

With a nourished soul and a clear connection to one’s inner truth, empaths and HSPs can find the strength to disentangle themselves from these toxic dynamics, even when it is profoundly painful. This act of self-preservation and boundary-setting is not a selfish indulgence but a sacred responsibility – for in protecting one’s own spiritual integrity, one also safeguards the collective well-being.

The process of severing toxic ties may involve cultivating the inner resolve to walk away from situations that no longer serve one’s highest good. It is a courageous act of self-love and spiritual sovereignty, a declaration that one’s soul deserves to be nourished by relationships that uplift, empower, and foster authentic growth.

5 – Embrace Sovereign Perception

Wetiko thrives on distorting perception, casting its twisted shadows upon reality and trapping individuals in a hall of funhouse mirrors. To counter this, empaths and HSPs must cultivate sovereign perception – the ability to discern truth from illusion, to see beyond the veil of fear and manipulation, and to perceive the world through the lens of their own inner wisdom and intuitive knowing.

Practices like questioning societal narratives, exploring alternative perspectives, and developing critical thinking skills can aid in this endeavor. Seek out sources of knowledge and understanding that empower rather than disempower, that illuminate rather than obscure, and that resonate with the truth of your own lived experience.

By embracing these powerful practices, empaths and HSPs can fortify their defenses against Wetiko’s insidious influence, reclaiming their sovereignty and walking the path of spiritual empowerment. Though the fog of Wetiko may linger, these beacons of light will guide the way, illuminating the path to a world where empathy, sensitivity, and authentic connection are celebrated as gifts rather than vulnerabilities.

Final Thoughts on Defending Against Wetiko

Remember, empaths and HSPs are not mere victims of circumstance, but courageous warriors in the battle for the soul of humanity.

If you find yourself in need of further guidance, I invite you to explore my offerings crafted specifically for empaths and highly sensitive souls that provide a robust arsenal for spiritual healing and protection.

Imagine having access to ancient wisdom traditions and potent energy work practices – all designed to help you reclaim your sovereignty, harness your sensitivity as a superpower, and confidently navigate the challenges posed by Wetiko’s influence. Embrace your destiny as a spiritual warrior, and let your journey towards wholeness and liberation begin.

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