Programming People - And The Power Of Flipping The Script

Programming People – And The Power Of Flipping The Script

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The work that we do involves dealing with human psychology, which is a big, expansive field. But there are some good guidelines that really help people to take the reins when they’re dealing with abusive narcissist behavior. Some of these tips can really help!


Part of what we are talking about involves opening up your own mindset and realizing that you are in control of what you feel around you. That doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but it can be a hard trick to master without a little help and prompting.


A Thought Experiment


We are creatures of habit, and our thoughts and responses are based on impressions that build up over time with repetitive experience.


When you enter a room, try thinking actively about the feelings that you experience as you approach someone who’s there. Then imagine proactively changing that response and mentality the moment that you step into the room.


What you’ll find is that you have quite a lot of creative control in how you handle a situation, regardless of how something has played out 100 times before. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the narcissist’s power can melt away. That’s because they had you conditioned into thinking that they were fundamentally in charge in the first place!


Reimagining Social Contracts


Another corollary point here is to remember that social contracts, whether it’s marriage, adoption or even parent-child relationships, don’t make you someone’s slave.


In fact, this is another place where you can apply your own deliberate thinking. Reimagine your social contracts – understand that although they may bind you to certain legal obligations or social norms, they do not bind you to accept a specific way of thinking. You are a unique individual in charge of your in psychology and that can really make a big difference.


For a lot more on how all of this works, browse our website. We help people to handle the challenges in their lives that are pretty intangible and abstract. But that doesn’t mean they’re not solvable! Narcissistic abuse recovery often involves changing mindsets, re-imagining experiences, and flipping the script in a way that is healing to you. Don’t wait to make the most of your life! We can help you to pursue a different way of thinking and living that combats the entrenched relationship dynamics that make you feel worthless, useless, unloved or worn down. Take advantage of resources and you’ll find it might be easier than it looked on the surface.

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