Three Reasons You Are Attracted To Narcissists

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Whether we’d like to admit it or not, with few exceptions, we choose our partners.

Attraction is a dynamic phenomenon that is complex and multifaceted. When we find ourselves being attracted to a narcissistic personality over and over again, we may be able to discern why we keep feeling drawn to this type of person. Delving into your innermost thoughts and behaviors can reveal why you are attracted to narcissistic personalities, giving you the personal insight necessary to make more conscious, healthy choices. 

Understanding Coincidences Are Signs

Narcissists can be charming and captivating, qualities that are naturally attractive to many people. It is easy to be fooled by a narcissist’s manipulative and charismatic ways. But if you keep finding yourself in relationships with narcissists, you could be repeating self-destructive patterns from your past.

Considering such situations as singular and merely coincidental is a mistake; each of these relationships serves as road signs informing you of your habit of choices. 

Codependent Tendencies

There is a delicate balance between seeking a caring connection with a partner and becoming codependent on the relationship. For people who derive their sense of identity from taking care of and pleasing others, codependency can be slippery.

Codependent features are attractive to many types of abusive personalities, including those with narcissistic tendencies. 

Narcissists easily identify partners who will allow them to be dominant and the center of attention in the relationship. If you can overlook the negative aspects of a narcissistic partner while completely ignoring your own needs, you will continue to draw dominant personalities into your life. 


Narcissists employ a host of emotionally manipulative strategies in their relationships. If you are not a manipulative personality by nature, your naivety may be why you are drawn into a relationship with a narcissistic partner.  Simply lacking the ability to recognize narcissist personality traits during the early stages of the relationship is a significant reason many people find themselves in a tangled and destructive partnership.

Taking Control Of Your Destiny

By understanding why you are attracting narcissistic personalities into your life, and how your personal experiences and expectations shape your choices, you can begin to chart a new course for your relationships. We can not simply blame unhealthy relationships on the other partner if we are to grow emotionally and spiritually.

To achieve healthy and happy relationships, we must take control of our destiny through self-exploration.

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