you have options

You Have Options

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Take a deep breath, clear your mind, remove yourself from the chaos of daily demands, and remember who you once were and what you always wanted to be. 

Put yourself in a position to seek out and find greener pastures.  Give yourself options.  

If energy must be exerted, use it to become a person that never has to beg or settle for the crumbs in life.  

Ask yourself, what about you makes you feel like this is the only <insert your “crumbs” here> thing available to you?  

The crumbs of a relationship: where just to have a person “around”, you are subjected to toxicity, disrespect, or simply a display of little to no interest.  You have options!  Someone, somewhere (else), is interested.  

The crumbs of an environment: you hate where you live and how you’re living. You hate where you work, who you work with, and who you work for.  You have options!

If going to another location is not an immediate possibility, improving the current one is. If there is nothing you can do to improve the environment, improve yourself! Making yourself suitable for relocation is the immediate possibility.

Emotional crumbs: You know that you don’t belong “there” with “them” doing “that”, but you stay because a lie is telling you to suck it up and make the best of it.  

The crumbs of an alliance: You are not valued; your contribution is trivialized.  You are being used; depleted for a lack of any mutual benefit, aka all give and no take. You have options! Someone is offering what you are not receiving in your current situation.  Remember, for every plug, there is an outlet.  For every desire, there is fulfillment.  

A great roadblock standing between you and your possibilities is settling.  Being genuinely dissatisfied, but surrendering and accepting out of passivity. Silencing the cry of your soul for something better will guarantee that you are barred from ever getting anywhere near it.  So, let the dust settle, but not you!

Who says that what is currently in front of you is all there is?  Who says that the person you’re involved with offers the only conversation available and that your current experience is your fate?

If qualities must be developed, invest in the ones that make you valuable to yourself, so that you can take that value on to a better situation. Value is always in demand. When you know this, the begging stops, the crawling ceases, and the crumbs blow away. When you embody this, you understand that anything that does not honor you is signaling that it does not belong in your world. It has just provided a signal to be released.

It will take energy to get to where you really belong.  However, it will also take energy to force yourself to stay where you know you don’t belong.  It will take time to find a better situation, but consider this time as money in the bank.  Each step you take in the exploration of your options is a down payment toward liberation.  

You are now free to move on and canvass the field of opportunity.   You have options.

About the Author

Lolisha Chaney is a freelance writer and inspirational speaker from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.  As a depression survivor, she draws upon the wealth of knowledge gained from her journey to emotional wholeness.  Lolisha has accepted the call to a higher lifestyle with a focus on helping others by telling her story with refreshing candor that resonates with the human experience.  This work is used to inspire others to remodel their lives from the inside-out; getting life together, one thought at a time.



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