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An Open Letter to Friends and Family of Narcissistic Abuse Victims

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Ven Baxter

If you’ve never been in a close relationship with a narcissist, it may not be easy to imagine. It might be impossible. It may not be easy for a survivor of narcissistic abuse to relate his or her experiences to others, either, or to truly articulate examples of narcissistic abuse.

Indeed, any of these may be impossible.

However, even if you’ve never experienced Narcissistic abuse yourself, it’s likely that you know someone who has. That person may benefit if you understand something–even a little bit–about his or her difficult experience.

This message is for friends and family of survivors of Narcissistic abuse. Its intention is to help you understand the narcissistic abuse cycle, and thus, some of what your loved one has gone through–and, hopefully (perhaps recently), come out of.

Its main purpose is to help assist your loved one’s healing.

So, what is Narcissistic abuse like? It’s like…

1) …being given a delicious treat and then having it taken away for no reason…and thrown in the trash in front of you…by someone who watches your lip tremble and your tears fall…with hidden but still barely visible enjoyment…and then apologizes…with a smirk…after the trash has been taken out…and promises not to do it again…but does anyway…after you forgave them…and forgot about the first time.

2) …chasing a puppy over a hill, only to find when you reach the crest that a bully has run it over with a car on the other side…who blames you for killing the puppy…by chasing it to their side of the hill…where they were driving…in the grass…with a “No Cars in Grass” sign posted.

3) …lending your car keys to a friend, who then crashes it…and laughs at you later…for being so stupid…as to lend your car keys…to them…while they were drunk…even though you didn’t know they were drunk…and they never said so…and they say your car was a piece of crap…and you needed a new one anyway…so you should thank them.

4) …having a student who scores 59% on everything–and fails–but is SO close to passing that you keep trying, test after test, to help him study and pass…but he keeps scoring 59s…and keeps telling you that he’d pass…if you didn’t suck so bad as a teacher…and his last teacher was SO much better than you.

5) …tending a garden and watching it grow–until your neighbor of many years suddenly throws an all-night drinking party on it…and says it was in his yard, not yours…but promises to help you re-plant it anyway…as a “favor” to you to “keep the peace”…and never does…but moves away instead…and tells the new tenant how crazy you are.

6) …hearing a beloved family member tell you, on his deathbed, that he always hated you, and only pretended to like you, and wanted to tell you before he dies–and then hearing later that the family member didn’t die…and is doing well…and says he doesn’t remember talking to you…or even that you were there…when he was ‘dying’…and then finding out later that the family member wasn’t really dying…and knew it all along…and was just being cruel…and you have no idea why.

7) …knowing where your purse is, and what’s always in it, but not finding it there–and finding it in your roommate’s closet instead, with its contents moved around or missing…and your roommate saying that you left it the last time you were in there…but that was weeks ago…but your roommate swears it was yesterday…and says your memory must be bad…and she seems to be wearing your lipstick… but claims she just bought it.

8) …being dumped, and told that your partner hates you and that it will never work, and your partner throwing your things out the door–and then calling you two days later, as if nothing had happened…saying it was “no big deal”…and getting upset at you…for being upset and taking it so seriously…and then says they were “just joking”… and buys you something very thoughtful to make up for it.

9) …being showered with praise, affection, attention, compliments, and shared dreams of a beautiful future together–until the hook is set…and you’ve fallen in love…and then, all of a sudden…your beloved starts tugging on the hook…and it hurts you to tug away…but it doesn’t hurt them at all…and you don’t understand why.

10) …watching the preview for a new movie, and paying to go watch it at the theater–and the movie being horrible…but you stay anyway to get your money’s worth…and you think it’s only two hours long…but it’s four…and then you’re tired…and just want to sleep…even if it’s in the chair…among strangers…instead of your own bed at home…so you fall asleep…and get locked inside the theater…and are late to work the next day.

These ten examples of narcissistic abuse are mostly parables designed to show the sort of dynamic that’s common for someone in a close relationship with a person who shows significant narcissistic traits–that is, a “toxic” relationship.

Not all of them are to be taken literally, but some can be…

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Ven Baxter lives in Florida, where he works as a canoe outfitter, teaches, writes, and enjoys being a father to his three children.  

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Christolene says June 6, 2024

Hi Alex, this sounds like my own story…. only 20year and two sons later…. I moved out a month ago!! Still struggling with the no contact situation, but will get there eventually!! Moving out was a big big move for me!! One day at a time with one step at a time!!

If he was a terrible or non-active father, it would have been easier to leave him. He is a great father to his sons. We share custody at the moment, this makes it impossible for me to go with no contact. He on the other hand is taking full advantage of this to try and manipulate me every time he sees me. I find him to be emotionally draining, even after moving out, he still checks my phone whenever he sees me and feels like it. I changed my pin on my phone and he had a massive tantrum about it…. Al more warning signs to get out of our marriage. I love him still and hope that he will be able to shake some of his narcissistic habits so that he one day will find true love and also find happiness…. He does have good qualities, he is a good person, he is just not good for me and I am no good to him… It is better to recognize this and move on than being in denial, living a lie and destroying your lives and the lives of your loved ones affected by our relationship.

Nancy says October 7, 2023

I’m sending this to my family so maybe they will not be so disappointed with me. My little sister seems to think that making fun of me for not being able to reach out to them when my husband isolated me for years is funny. It really hurts me that she does that but I guess I can’t blame her for feeling that way

klmcmurr says August 21, 2022

This article made me feel less alone tonight and I really needed that. It’s been hard to make any real connections since my cold discard. Trauma Bonding is real and intentional, they want you to hurt and miss them even if they used you for years and lied every step of the way to make you their scape goat

klm says August 21, 2022

This article made me feel less alone tonight and I really needed that. It’s been hard to make any real connections since my cold discard. Trauma Bonding is real and intentional, they want you to hurt and miss them even if they used you for years and lied every step of the way to make you their scape goat

Budd Crenshaw says January 27, 2022

Thanks for the info

CHAE says July 14, 2021

It’s beyond difficult to explain, to find the words to describe the paralyzing pain that a narcissist causes.

Jannitza cruz says June 9, 2021

Thx for the info

Sandy Burnett ( male 61) says June 5, 2021

I understand everything you say it still is exactly what I went through spot on

Hauwa says June 5, 2021

Thank you for the information

Juanita M Jones says June 4, 2021

Thanks for the enlightening information & advice.

Sheila Morris says June 4, 2021

Please comment more on everything is my fault and then threatened. How to make him leave me alone and we’re divorced but I fear for my life. If someone comes to my house he runs them away by driving by and seeing their car. I want out so bad again I’m divorced but still under prison bondage. I thought maybe it’s his culture from India. But he’s a real Narcissist.

Grady says June 4, 2021

I realize at times this seems like it could only be a man that can do these things but I assure you there are male empaths being crushed by female narcissists daily. And quite honestly your stories parallel ours; we just wanted to love this person they portrayed but were side swiped when that person completely changed, then changed back, then just no heart was even visible. Just cold darkness.

    john smith says December 5, 2021

    my wife has been doing these things to me daily for 11 years… once i discovered her affair and EXPOSED it to everyone in our circle thats when the final discard took place because now that i know who she really is she cant bare the shame and would rather throw away 11 years and crush our two boys but i think this was a way for god to get me the fuck out of this marriage now if only i can protect my kids from her

Rachel H Valadez says October 12, 2020

Hard to trust after 40 yrs of marriage & looked upon as “why I stayed so long & why now did I decide to leave, (tired of not trusting). How do I not see others the same, when dating & asking questions, besides saying what I went thru & (it’s hard to trust anything they say)? I’ve been told immediately not to compare them to my ex, when I don’t feel its what I’m doing, but rather just saying how I was treated; othertimes I’m told “I must have gone thru something really hard, but they have enough love & will lavish me by taking care of me, loving me & providing whatever I need, then it all goes downhill ! Why? [ I dont continue saying more about what I went thru, yet within myself I do see if they’re holding up to what they promised]. Its just so messed up!

Anonymous says October 11, 2020

Thank you Kim the last one is what we did again because the narcissist told us it was what he was doing too, staying for the horrible horror movie just because you got tickets. I married you so I have to be faithful and not leave you. He wasn’t faithful to me but to porn and other things. I was fooled. He had everything thing and I almost lost everything. But the devil is a fool he talks too much he said something about my innocent 12 year old daughter and my eyes opened I wouldn’t allow him to treat my children the way he did me. Wake up sisters. The movie is horrible. Get up don’t look back. Heal and live happy.

Lynn says October 11, 2020

Good you made it out. These people are really disordered. No contact is for life. Run run run

Anonymous says August 8, 2020

I always wondered if there is any known scans of narc brains. I always told my husband that he had to sign an agreement to have his brain donated to science. After all the horror the least i could have was an explaination. And yes Kim!!!Thank God for your work on here that explained everything & made me realize that no matter how scared I was to finally make the move to end our living under the same roof & going no contact, staying was way more terrifying. I am very curious to know what their brain looks like compared to a person who has compassion & empathy. They don’t get arrested & serve time for literally holding us hostage, they should at least have to donate their brains to science. I say all the time that i was held against my will and robbed of everything I had and was & aspired to be. I have a maser’s degree & after all the abuse, I cannot even get alternate side of the street parking straight. And sometimes giving the right amount of money paying for groceries. I am scared that I will not be able to get and keep a job. Thank God I have my faith, stronger than ever which he tried desperately to keep me & did for a while.

Geraldine says May 25, 2020

No 3 – perfect description.

Anonymous says May 21, 2020

thank you Kim, only one person my paternal uncle believed me because one narc in his village had murdered his wife on the road in broad daylight saying she made me do it and deserved it. my fate would have been the same but Jesus saved me. my own siblings showed so much compassion to him when I went no contact, my narc sister (who hadn’t any pity on me never had contact with me for years) was trying to lead the show but i rebuked my brother in time ad he listened. thank God for that. Yes other family members has a field day gossiping but it took courage and the Lord was true to his word never leaving nor forsaking me yes my uncle and his wife were my guardian angels. my children actually started blooming after no contact since i didn’t go in for a divorce i never met him again. i did however give him a decent funeral and burial as the Lord asked me to since he had no one else. Again God has been good all the time

Eileen Brown says May 21, 2020

These are very good examples of abuse. I have been out of the narcissist’s life since Dec. 2018. He has harassed me , taken my livelihood away we owned a business together. He stole the business and didn’t pay any of his subcontractors. I stayed home with the children and payed all the mortgages, utilities and children college. He is trying to get ever penny from me while asking me to forgive him. Thousands of dollars in legal fees. I am divorced now. We have our home up for sale and he stalks me in our driveway everyday. I just can’t believe a person can do this. He left me in October of 2018 to find himself. He has a mistress who contacted me in June of 2018 asking to let him go. My children found his porn sites. We were a happy family l thought until the mistress called. I learned he was living a double life. He wanted his family back and l refused to reconcile. Now he wants to take every penny l have. It is so sick. Stalking me everyday I stop working. If our home doesn’t sell l can buy him out. I pray for a new life abuse free

C. Burchardt says August 13, 2019

Thank you!
Let’s nix the narcs in our lives and leap for joy !!!!

Alex says August 13, 2019


I was exactly what she wanted and yearned for for her entire life,
And that my appearance and ability (sexually) were so crazy over the top she can’t quit fantasizing about me when we’re apart,,(trust me, I am completely average at best),
She called me several times a day to tell me she was thinking about me and missing me.
She drove an hour to spend 15 minutes with me
She came to my house ready to stay all the time. Etc,etc

During the 5 years, I had been beaten up, water glasses thrown at me, doors slammed and broken, holes in my walls, my front door smashed in, horrifically verbally and mentally abused


It was my fault, and that I had anger issues.
I gave her trust anxiety because I called 911 several times.
After her arrest, from the last time, (I never pressed charges the other times, just wanted her to leave), that it would now take her a long time to recover from what I had done (having her arrested).

All the while, my intention was to leave her, and I think she knew that and began to pull back so I would pursue her,, which I began to do, until I understood what I was really dealing with here.

Thanks to this community, articles like this, and all the expert advice from so many videos on narcissism, I am now in control!

No contact and being able to post to all of you beautiful people, who, like me did not deserve this have helped me gain strength and confidence every day.

Be good to yourself and dump your narc today!
You will be glad you did!

When a Narcissist Leaves You Alone - Kim Saeed: Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program says July 29, 2019

[…] also forms part of the problem of why others cannot understand why a person continues to want to be in a relationship with this person, and will go back time and time […]

CranberryJA says July 20, 2019

It’s not your fault. You’re trauma-bond to your narc made you stay. Your good heart was used against you. Chin up. The important thing is that you have escaped. And yes…I use “escaped” intentionally. All the very best to you. Remember, you are worthy of love and loyalty and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    [email protected] says August 14, 2019

    Cranberry two concepts I am learning to embrace: trauma-bonded and yes we do “escape”. It is difficult to think that way…but thank you for intentionally using that word. The song I relate to is by Sia: Bird set free.

Sheela says April 26, 2019

I am a survivor of acute and chronic narcissistic abuse. Time span approximately 19 years.
Live in partner, not married with 17 years old son.
I had enough when I realized that I am the greatest contributor and/or enabler for his character to be so. It has to stop.
The journey ahead will not be easy because subconsciously I was innately deeply entrenched in my “comfort zone” of cyclical abuse.
2019 a new year…recovery for a healthier emotional and mental state of mind.
I say no more.
Going to look forward…never turning back.
To all those people out there…make a small step out of your self imposed imprisonment…annihilate these “monsters” once and for all

Gianine says September 9, 2018

These examples are entirely what it was like in my relationship and marriage. I cried reading although I’m in recovery. It’s so hard to deceive to friends and family because the burning question everyone has …. even myself after reading this is….. “why did I stay?”

    Sheela says April 26, 2019

    Never look back…you are on the right track survivor. A newborn you is awakening…congrats
    All it takes it just one small step for self love.

    [email protected] says August 14, 2019

    I am sorry that you had to experience that and those burning questions. As a first generation American; I get the additional: she married him for his greencard and is now complaining

Shirley Akpelu says March 19, 2018

Such a vivid illustration of what that abuse feels like. Unless you have experienced narc abuse, I don’t think you can understand what happened to you. No one believes your story who is a flying monkey or a narc themselves. They begin to believe you are lying on the person and making it all up. I have experienced this. So I get a second round of abuse.

One day the anger and triggers will cease and I will press forward to the life I want and should have had. After the cleansing and healing process., the new me is slowly emerging, Now that is good news and only me and My Maker will know what I really went through. Thanks for letting me vent.

Penny says January 8, 2018

Good explanation.

Anonymous says December 23, 2017

This puts what I went through in very understandable terms. As a survivor I have to point out that even once free these scenarios continue to play over and over in my mind

    Gwen says February 4, 2019

    Anonymous, that is sooooo true! I’ve gone No Contact, since 2018, and I feel that this trauma has played in my head for the last 5 years. As I listen to Kim and work thru some of the things she says, my journey is getting much better. I’m not where I want to be, but thank God, I’m not where I use to be. They’re days when I’m up and they’re days when I’m down, but I’m so grateful for the information that Kim provides, which is helping me through the process. Reading scripture, praying, meditating, and listening to some soft healing music, has proven to be very helpful, as well. I’ve found that forgiving him has also helped me tremendously. I’ve learned that when the abuser hurt you, they take the advantage over you, and when we don’t forgive them, they keep the advantage over you. So, I’ve decided to forgive and let myself go FREE. This didn’t happen overnight, but I want my life back, more than being mad with the abuser. I’ve decided not to allow him to continue living in my head, rent-free.

    I wish you the best, and remember, it does get better, in time, and with God’s help.

    You’re not alone!

Happily non-existent says December 21, 2017

Also known as sadism. Miserable immature little clowns who are miserable and confused in the real world!… the adult world.

    Anonymous says October 31, 2019

    You nailed it.
    They cannot handle adult situations (in my case divorcing him), also he was a physicality violent clown…

Anonymous says November 17, 2017

I was on tears , I am being quiet unable to say or explain my feelings , my family and friends not understand the reason why I feel the way that I feel , they don’t know about narcissism, I just found out a month ago.
Thank you for sharing this article

Anonymous says October 26, 2016

Creating a beautiful painting after so much time and effort only to have it be burned to a crisp and then be told you shouldn’t have spent so much time on it because you should have known this would happen. It’s normal for hard work to be wasted. It’s just a painting, you’re making a bigger deal out of this then it is. You can always make a new one.

Moving Forward says July 17, 2016

I’ve lived it……….yet still find it difficult to believe how someone can be such a monster. I guess that only further explains how I questioned myself, questioned what was real and what wasn’t. Did I imagine that? or did I forget them saying something ahead of time that should have warned me? It was a twisted web that I couldn’t even explain – I just knew I was entangled.
Each day away from the narcissistic behavior………….things become clearer. I wasn’t the crazy one. I will heal. He won’t.

Karin says July 17, 2016

Hi Kim, I’m here from the Facebook share of this post. Welcome to the new blogger – very perceptive article. It’s so sad that even the Survivor’s still have to read about how the world at large still misunderstands Narcissistic Abuse to such an extreme degree. One day, I hope to see less scorn/disbelief and better education of both professionals and the general public.
(I miss the “like” button – just to let you know I’ve been here. I don’t always read everything as sadly, I can still be mildly “triggered”)

Gabriela says July 3, 2016

This discribes it perfectly

Ret says June 25, 2016

Good descriptions! It’s hard to explain the covert manipulations, and the passive aggressive behaviors to others. My Ex lives to get back at me if he’s upset about something. He needs to unload the anger but he can not show his emotions in a normal way. So what ensues is payback. I can see them coming whenever he doesn’t get his way.

    [email protected] says August 14, 2019

    thank you for sharing Ret. That is and has been my experience. He is now using money to do that…even after he frauded all the federal documents…and lawyers are afraid to go down that rabbit hole, because it is going to point the flaws in the Virginia Justice system..and they get blood out of turnip: that is they can’t get money out of me…so they would rather leave me on the side of the road financially bleeding

Human says May 16, 2016

Survivors can easily relate to these parables. Someone without experience or knowledge of narcissistic abuse may dismiss them as ridiculous. Sadly, such a person is likely to side with the abuser and believe the victim is at fault.

Anonymous says May 12, 2016

My family will never get ..its my daughter…you will always be damned if you do…..damned if you don’t…..you are always wrong no matter how right you are

Alia says May 7, 2016

I really like the last one (the movie theater), because it really shows that the ball is always in my court (it doesn’t involve the narcissist per se, only me – the “victim”), but I refuse to play it, so to speak, when it comes to my own happiness. I disguise it by being a good person and by having principles and morals and by doing the right thing. I bet people laugh at my righteousness and that’s why I find myself in ridiculous relationships (including work relationships), where it just doesn’t make sense that I am even staying. Sure I need money (work), but for someone with the abilities of my caliber I could and should and finally am (I did learn a thing or two from my past) making a lot better living with a lot more control. Anyway, I’m trying to say that a lot of of us end up in these situations because we give up control to these guys for whatever reason, but mostly because it is easier that way and we don’t have to be fully responsible for our own happiness (which we don’t think we deserve anyway). We are as sick as these narcissists:(

    kimraya says June 26, 2016

    We may be sick, Alia, but the good news is that we can heal and recover, whereas a narcissist will always be the same.

    I hope you find what you’re looking for in life. The best piece of advice I can give you at the moment is to write up a list of 5-10 deal-breakers – one list for romantic relationships and one for others – and when someone commits one of your deal-breakers, be willing to walk away…and mean it, regardless of the seeming connection you have with that person. This is especially critical in today’s world of online dating in regards to romantic relationships.

    In the meantime, spend some time getting to know yourself very intimately and honor your feelings above all else.

      Melissa says November 8, 2016

      Love this advice.

Writer says April 28, 2016


It’s True, I Let Him
By Sheila Deborah O’Neill

It’s true, I let him
Inside of my veins
Not knowing futures
Of endless mind games

It’s true, I let him
Take over my heart
Let into my soul
He ripped it apart

It’s true, I let him
Believed and did trust
Each toxic memory
Just lead me to rust

It’s true, I let him
Forgave as I could
Not knowing in time
Take more than I should

It’s true, I let him
I stood in my tears
Fell into sorrows
Lived in great fear

It’s true, I let him
Take my peace away
Startled responses
Nightmares each day

It’s true, I let him
Held on for dear life
Went through the battles
Told I’d be his wife

It’s true, I let him
Throw all in my face
For all was my fault
My truth, my disgrace

It’s true, I let him
Again and again
How might I get out
There wasn’t a plan

It’s true, I let him
Get under my skin
Do things I regret
But wasn’t to win

It’s true, I let him
No longer could stay
Everything I once had
Let him take away

It’s true, I let him
But no longer do
Survivor of trauma
It’s sad, but it’s true

It’s true, I let him
In love I gave all
The one to not hurt
Became my great fall

It’s true, I let him
As I try to heal
Numbing the memories
Chronic pain I feel

It’s true, I let him
Poisoned from the start
Habitual lies
He hiding his narc

It’s true, I let him
In love, we believe
Questions, confusion
His answer to leave

It’s true, I let him
I thought love was free
Learned my life lesson
Was not real to me

It’s true, I let him
Not even knowing
It helped his disguise

It’s true, I let him
But not anymore
Rebuilding takes time
I’m out of the war

    Heidi says August 20, 2018

    Thank you, poem says it all

    Kelly says August 16, 2019

    This poem hits it right on the head still in marriage trying to figure it out being divinely guided I have faith it will all be ok

    Anonymous says May 21, 2020

    I want to cry

Steve says April 17, 2016

Its way worse

Kristin Sunanta Walker says April 16, 2016

Ven – so glad you are writing with Kim. This is a parody of horrors. The sad part for survivors is that we’ll do some of this behavior as we work on our healing when we first step out into the dating world again. Those lovely emotional triggers from someone that is not necessarily a narcissist – maybe just a selfish opportunist but you are so much on high alert that it brings out your still wounded self. Thanks for sharing this one.

    kimraya says June 26, 2016

    Thank you for commenting here, Kristin! You are so right about the behavior work. It’s a life-long undertaking <3

gaydensadmirer says April 16, 2016

What great examples!!!

Jamie says April 11, 2016

Yes these feel like it. So spot on! Purposeful malicious hurting… Just to hurt you. What a tragedy these folks are.

Yttrium says April 8, 2016

These are apt metaphors, and succinct. They perfectly express the exhaustion, can’t-win-for-losing setups, and crazy-making of a relationship with a disordered person. I’m sharing them with some of my friends and family — the ones who refused too drink the Narc’s Kool-aid and saw him for what he was.

Jackie says April 6, 2016

Narcissists are very good at lies so even the best of us are tricked. These people are seasoned experts at the art of cloak and daggers. Their ability to deceive is such that it takes longer to find out you were conned.

    kimraya says June 26, 2016

    Even Robert Hare, the world’s leading pioneer in the field, admits to still being fooled by these people. What I’ve learned is that there is usually some warning sign to our intuition. Something that tells us ‘there’s something strange or unusual’ about this person. I think many of us just need to trust our guts more instead of justifying someone else’s unacceptable behaviors.

    Thank you for commenting, Jackie 🙂

Been There says April 2, 2016

You say these are just made up, but these are things I hear my mate say every day. So accurate and chilling how they manipulate and abuse us in a pattern that can be mirrored and applied to all our cases as victims. Thank you!

zuly says April 2, 2016

these are perfect examples I couldn’t put it any better! thanks for helping!

TommyB says April 2, 2016

I could relate completely. She hurt me so much and recovery is very slow. 9 months N free.

Trish says April 1, 2016

Brought tears to my eyes only because it reminds me of the damage and why no contact is so important. I’ve been searching for the words to explain the experience however so clearly articulates . 2 years since I last saw him and 1 1/2 years narc free!

Shirley Huitema Slick says April 1, 2016

These are all such perfect examples of what they do!

Candra says April 1, 2016

This explained so much in a new way and helped me realize that I am in a narcissistic relationship. If nanywaycares to respond, can such a “relationship” cause a great deal of fatigue. I am wanting to end it but I am “on the road” (i.e. no house to live in, but I’m at least not broke) with three dogs and feel so tired I feel like I need him. It’s a vicious cycle.

    Karin says July 17, 2016

    You are stronger than you know and this community will support you. No Contact will save your life.
    Stay connected with the survivor stories here – you can do this.

    Heidi says August 20, 2018

    Definitely !
    You will only lose more energy, property,sanity etc.
    It will never truly get better, only worse.
    Don’t believe the illusions, they try to feed you.
    Your best interest, will never truly be of interest, as long as you are in a relationship w them.
    I only wish I had known long ago

Remembertoforget says April 1, 2016

Very accurate!! Great read!

MA says April 1, 2016

Thank you

Lynette d'Arty-Cross says April 1, 2016

A very good article. 🙂

    Kim Saeed says April 1, 2016

    Thank you, Lynette! We have a new author for the site, Ven, and he is very gifted <3

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