Planet V

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Excerpt from How to Do No Contact Like a Boss!

Venus is a lovely being.  She gives her love unconditionally and cares for others in the most unselfish way; she isn’t pretentious in her giving of love.  She adores those in her world:  her parents, her children, and her friends.  Some accuse her of being too nice, but she doesn’t know any other way to be…this is who she is, a being of light, love, and kindness.

On another realm are humanoids that live on the planet Nars.  It’s a mostly male population, but some females have infiltrated this stark planet, as well.  It’s a hostile place to be.  These humanoids have overrun their world and must occupy a new one in order to keep their species alive.  They have no emotions and are only concerned with their individual survival.  After touching down on Planet V, they find the perfect host…Venus.  She is everything the Humanoids need to keep their kind alive.   Venus freely gives her emotions, her resources, and opens up her world to the Narcoid.

These humanoids from Nars have studied Venus’ behavior for decades.  They know exactly what she looks for in a mate, and they mimic this image perfectly.  Venus doesn’t realize that the Humanoid is an imposter.  When Venus first comes into contact with a Narcoid, she sees him as her twin soul.  He is kind, loving, generous, and treats her like a Goddess.  They do everything together, and because her new partner is so “rare”, she agrees to a union in a short amount of time.

After a short while, Venus begins to observe inconsistencies.  Her new mate starts to display behaviors that are completely foreign to her.  He becomes mean, critical, and condescending.  This causes confusion within Venus’ mind and heart.  She believes she has done something to injure her partner, so she tries everything within her power to reverse the breakdown of their bond.  The Narcoid thrives on this false belief, and proceeds to enslave Venus by instilling more false beliefs within her of being insufficient, not good enough…the root of their problems.  This is how he keeps her enslaved, knowing she will give her all.

Narcoids are on Planet V to steal souls and turn all Venuses into Narcissistic Supply.  In fact, they steal not only Venus’ soul, but those of her offspring, as well (even if he fathers them).  Once this domination is complete, they move on to another Venus and begin the process anew.

Narcoids leave a path of destruction so great that Venus and her young lose their spirit.  Venus further  loses her livelihood and hope.  The only strength she has left is given to her young.  However, sometimes Venus is so completely devastated, she is no longer able to do that, either.

Could you be the main character in this sci-fi piece? Is it time for you to pen a different ending? You can change how your story will end.  It all starts with intention.  Imagine a different ending and share in the comments section below!

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jo martin says April 6, 2015

I am totally that person. Taurus too ruled by the planet Venus.
I have had no contact now for 7 months and feel ready to move forward and now have met someone else who is a psychologist. However I have noticed I am fighting myself wondering if whatever comes out of his mouth is truthful and trying not to be so open with being myself. Those narcs really mess with our hearts and mind and reading the above article described us both to a t.

recovering says March 29, 2015

I love your illustration! I have been NO CONTACT with my ex Narcoid for around 8 days. The last SILENT TREATMENT he gave me was the “straw” that broke the camels back. I had told him I don’t DO SILENT TREATMENT anymore after 3 yes, & that if he was mad & needed “SPACE”, he needed to SAY THAT. OTHERWISE I WILL THINK WE HAVE BROKEN UP. Well, he ignored our agreement & my boundaries, & gave me the Silent Treatment AGAIN after we had had a fight. Because God forbid I “disagreed” with him. I texted him & then called himto say that if we have broken up or are breaking up I think we should at least have that “talk” . I got NO REDPONSE. Then a week later he texts me at 2:42 A.M. “Are you awake? I had blocked him on FB, email, & phone, but I could still “see” his call it just would mute it and ALERT me. I’m being treated for Depression, & my
psychiatrist, was actually the one who said he seemed like a Narcoid. But, I was in Denial. But, when I started contacted my old counselor who specializes in treating people in relationships with Narcicissts, this was the text I got that led to me confronting him. “Sounds like he is a liar, a cheater, and a sex addict. The “cheating” realization made me physically “sick”. Then I went to a meeting for people”recovering from Narcicisstic relationships, & the group said the fact that he was never willing to change his FB status from “single” was suspicious. I also went to a recovery page like this one where a girl whose Narc also wouldn’t change his status somehow got connected with this “friend” on her NARC’s page, & she found out that he was dating both of them at the same time. That “sealed” the deal for me. I responded to my NARC’s text with this: “What do u want x? Is your new girlfriend not available? I’m not stupid. Now I know why you never wanted to change your FB status. I don’t have tangible evidence, but I’m not naive.You would have to agree to go to”couples counseling” for me to ever have contact with you again. And if you said we live in 2 different states, I would say where there’s a will there’s a
way. ” I never heard from him again. And the NO RESPONSE was and is EXCRUCIATING. I just have to tell myself he has “new supply”, because he is too much of a sex addict to go with no supply. But he jeopardized my health! I had unprotected sex with him believing we were monogamous. I had asked him for his health records, which I had to fight tooth and nail for, & he broke up with me the 2nd time over.But my last text I said I’m not going through this cycle of getting dumped by you going MIA for a third time. But, it’s been like what I imagine heroin withdrawal to be like. I’m still waiting for him to show some sign of being human by showing some sign of “remorse”. The”image” of the prson I thoought I knew is DEAD. I picture myself going to a grave site with me dressed in black, & throwing a red rose on it. But I don’t know how to process the cognitive dissonance Kim. It’s like I don’t know WHO x was. It’s very creepy.

Sirin Alkonost says March 22, 2015

Dear Kim,
thank you for your posts. I have been reading your blog, translating posts from it and publishing them in a Russian-language community ru-dark-triad. The information you give helps people overcome consequences of abuse and promotes a healthy attitude to oneself and to others. I am happy to have found your blog because your materials have helped not only other people but also me. But I am concerned about the copyright issue. Do you mind my having posted your articles translated into Russian in LJ? Each post there ends with a link to the original text. Thank you once again for your texts.

    Kim Saeed says March 22, 2015

    Hi Nina! Thank you for reading my blog and for sharing my articles with others. I am glad to know I’ve helped you <3 Oh, and it's no problem translating them and posting them since you said you're including a link to the original. Thanks again and best wishes for your continued recovery!

Simple54 says March 21, 2015

Kim you did it again, very beautifully put together, I live and experience all of it. I am so depleted getting closer to the divorce. He is vindictive to very end, I am willing and ready, so sad after I have sacrificed my own feelings to let have his way all these years. Then I was discarded.

Debra Sutton says March 21, 2015

Thank you Kim for this great analogy. We don’t realize how much better we are without them. When they move on to new supply it hurts, at least in the beginning. Then after some time we are able to see it all for what it really is. We see the truth and realize it is our blessing that they are no longer in our lives. We do have to be careful not to attract another one. This is where our work on ourselves begins.

Teresa says March 20, 2015

Love this Kim!!!

True to the last word Sister!

…I’m a true Taurus female to boot…so, yeah, this hit home.

Thank you Kim,

Anonymous says March 20, 2015

This spoke to me tonight. I was wondering what was wrong with me, why I have no energy or joy to do anything. My adult children are my world and lately I’ve been so depressed, I have no motivation. I’ve gone no contact for a month now. I’m hoping things get better soon….

    Woke up says March 21, 2015

    It will get better! Just hang in there.! Be good to you, rest, read about this, follow Kim’s advice.
    Much love.

Joddle says March 20, 2015

One day in the future Venus looks back and thanks the narcoid for teaching her to own her shadow qualities. She realises that before her drama relationship she did not know how to receive her true worth. She laughs now to think that she would be attracted to such a selfish, empty narcoid ever again! Whenever he reaches out his tentacles for supply, she simply blows him love and feels sorry that he seems unable to change his selfish ways. While her open hearted giving continues to expand her soul, the narcoid becomes steadily more empty and alone in his cold heart. Poor empty narcoid!

maryleemorgan says March 20, 2015

Love it, Kim, just love this! 🙂

Damian says March 20, 2015

Well written story you made this morning.I find this interesting. 🙂

frances says March 20, 2015

That’s me at the end . I’m walking dead .

Beth says March 20, 2015

I am new to your site and want to say thank you! My career, home, retirement, credit, savings, etc. were all stolen. (Legalized theft — if you can believe it) I was mentally and physically abused. I was hit, slapped around and drugged. I was presented in court as being addicted to prescription drugs. My son was 12 and alienated.
Fast forward from 2009 to present: I have studied narcissists like bugs. He fits the entire profile, plus some. Those fortunate enough to have never been involved with a narcissist have no way of understanding the pain and recovery, if possible.
Through time, my son and I have bonded again, though it is not where we were before he was secretly being taken to an unknowing psychiatrist to help him understand his mother’s “drug addiction” before the divorce. In time, I trust he will know the truth.
Happily, I am still recovering, but do not believe I will ever stop studying the “bugs”.
There is so much I would love to just blurt out — even today — but there is not time nor space to do so here.
Thank you for allowing me to comment!

Jules says March 20, 2015

Thank you Kim!!! This story was my life up until 10 months ago when he moved in with his new supply and dumped my son and I like garbage. He was not my son’s father, but it still devastated us when he left. Fast forward to today….we are so much better off, happy, healthy, empowered, and looking forward to a great future with our significant others. I feel like I have been given new life!
Thank you Kim for all your posts–they have helped me understand narcissistic behavior, how I got drawn into it, and how I have been able to heal and never go there again.

    Kim Saeed says March 20, 2015

    Thank you for sharing, Jules! I’m also elated to know my posts have helped you 🙂

idodoyouride says March 20, 2015

excellent post , i have thought the same thing about these “people”. they are like aliens sent here to destroy !!!!

Melissa Dipietro says March 20, 2015

Ah…And sooooo Venus being a smart cookie wakes up ..yes, through all the confusion and self doubt , the ignoring of the red flags, or the allowing of the narcoid to convince her to refute her own intuition from the beginning ….listens and sees the guidance! Her angels rejoice and even though it takes her many tries to get it right she finally acts on her guidance and becomes…a bad source of supply too his over inflated ego. She cries n cries n gets mad n crazy with grief.the illusion is broken…almost…then after very brief relapses she sees TRUTH and trusts IT…Venus had great friends family with whom she rejoices…some understand. .others never will. ..she helps others in the same boat. ..she remembers and rekindles passion for her dreams…more solid than ever this warrior heals with the LOVE of the universe by her side…step by step then quantum leap! She never even sees that narcoid vampire again so different is her vibration Acd then meets a funny s sweet sane guy who gets her as she gets him and they love a long long time. ..

    Kim Saeed says March 20, 2015

    I LOVE it! 🙂

    LG says March 20, 2015

    Awesome ending! Thanks for sharing 😉

JD says March 20, 2015

Thank you Kim for the oh so accurate scenerio. I am male so Venus does not fit exactly, however, after being annihilated
by the psychowhore it made me wonder if I was a man. I did end it after two years but I put up with complete nonsense for too long. No physical infedility that I know of but there was emotional infedility so whats worse. Anyway, I understand she is a sick person/ monster/animal that is trying to survive
much like an addict eexcept her addiction
is destroying men and women. There should
be laws against narcissists and life imprisonment with other narcissists but just don’t let them have mirrors. 🙂

LG says March 20, 2015

Kim – this was an awesome fictional story but all so true and you have captured it subtly. Thank you for this as it portrays so many us who have been exposed to the Narcs so hidden in disguise. All of your stories and posts have helped me understand my relationship and what I was truly dealing with and have helped and empowered me every day! Thank you Kim!!

    Kim Saeed says March 20, 2015

    I’m glad it resonated with you, and also glad to know my posts help you in some way. That’s what keeps me going 🙂 <3

Mary says March 20, 2015

Yes, yes, and yes. That is how it is. Unbelievable even to this day. I have discovered that almost everyone I have been connected with emotionally is a narc or has strong tendencies of being one. This last ride took the door prize for me. The final discard was horrendous. It haunts me all the time, no matter what I do. I am better, time does help. No contact is brutal but not impossible. Keep the info coming please, this is my strength. Seems the narcs are getting worse and worse. Wonder if it is possible to find someone who isn’t one at this point.

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