Tame Your Anxieties with Aspen Flower Essence

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Recovering from Narcissistic abuse requires emotional, physical and spiritual healing.  Getting yourself to a respected therapist is one of the first steps you should take on your road to recovery.  Many times, counselors will also prescribe medications to help you deal with symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks, and the development of certain phobias.  However, with increasing awareness of the dangers of pharmaceuticals, many people have begun reaching for homeopathic remedies instead.

One common prescription for anxiety is Hydroxyzine.  I was prescribed this a year and a half ago to help deal with panic attacks.  This particular drug is different from other anti-depressant, anti-anxiety medications because it doesn’t cause the mind-altering effect that others do.  This is a common concern among individuals who need to think clearly, such as those who work with numbers or artists, writers, and other creative types.  However, I stopped taking it when I researched the possible side-effects:

  • Hallucinations
  • Involuntary quivering
  • Stomach cramps
  • Extra heart beat
  • Blood disorder
  • Increase in the thickness of lung secretions

That’s just the short list.  You can find other possible reactions here on WebMD.

Thus began my search for a natural remedy to reduce the anxiety I suffered in the aftermath of Narcissistic abuse.  After visiting my local food co-op, I came away with Aspen Flower Essence, which helps replace apprehension and fear with a sense of security and peace of mind.  I paid close to twenty dollars for it, but one can purchase it from Vitacost for $11.89.  (I am in no way affiliated with this company).

I have been pleased with this remedy.  After taking it for two days, a calm came over me that I could never really achieve with pharmaceuticals, plus I know it’s not harming my organs or damaging my DNA.  It’s part of my holistic approach, which I recommend for anyone who is recovering from Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome.  If you’ve had negative effects from over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions, or simply take a natural approach to your health and healing, you may want to try Aspen Flower Essence.  If you do try it out, make sure to start out with low doses. The remedies do not cause side-effects , but it’s possible that they may stir up repressed feelings that need to be cleansed before complete healing can be achieved.

**Do not take herbal remedies of any kind if you are currently on pharmaceutical medications.  The best rule of thumb is to ask your physician before taking any supplements.  

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Out of africa says May 1, 2014

Hi Kim,I’m new on your blog,love your articles.I found it via Carrie’s blog,also one of my favourites.I really recommend the Bach flower remedies,they were really helpful .Maybe Star of Bethlehem might be helpful for some,as most of us end up in shock,after leaving the narc.Keep up the great work,you and many others are the best help we all need!Thanks so much.

    Kim Saeed says May 4, 2014

    Thanks for stopping by, Out of Africa! I am also very grateful for the suggestion of Star of Bethlehem. I’ve been taking Aspen, which has been very helpful, but I will certainly give this a try, as well 🙂

New Beginnings says November 23, 2013

I am really big on essential oils. Did a lot of research on Google. Just surrounding myself with wonderful smells seems to elevate my moods!

I even make some house cleaning products with them. Now I do not mind wiping down the bathroom!

    Kim Saeed says November 23, 2013

    I’m just beginning with the oils for cleaning. Do you have a recipe for a bleach alternative? I’ve been using vinegar and peroxide for regular cleaning, but the shower stall hasn’t been the same since I stopped using bleach 😉

imnotyourfavoritepossession says November 20, 2013

I had never thought of a natural product to combat anxiety. This is exciting!

    Kim Saeed says November 20, 2013

    🙂 Glad it piqued your interest. I try to go natural whenever possible!

gracielynne62013 says November 19, 2013

Thanks so much for this recommendation. i am soon going to visit my mother and she is a bit of a narcissist so i will need this to calm me down when she goes all hysterical on me. loil

    Kim Saeed says November 19, 2013

    Ha ha! 🙂

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