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If you’ve found this site, it’s likely that you are experiencing crippling heartbreak and betrayal.  You want answers to why the person you love is treating you cruelly and acts like nothing you do is ever good enough…the person who once told you how wonderful you are. Today is the day you will finally get answers…

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You try to talk to them and offer understanding and compromise, but nothing you do ever seems to help your relationship?
  • Every time you do think your relationship is on the mend, you get the rug pulled out from under you…again?
  • You’ve been cheated on – possibly numerous times – yet feel a puzzling urge to stay in the relationship and prove your worth?
  • You’ve been subjected to abandonment, silent treatments, and numerous breakups over the course of your relationship?
  • Every time you think the relationship is over, your Ex makes promises to be better…promises that they break as soon as you’re back together?
  • You’ve become so devastated by being shamed, ridiculed, and deceived that you can barely function day to day?
  • They constantly correct your slight mistakes, making you feel “on guard”, unintelligent, and leaving you with the feeling that you are always doing something wrong?
  • You’ve been verbally abused, cursed, and threatened over something minor. Suddenly, the next day they become sweet, doing all those little things they did when you started dating?
  • They lash out at you, call you names, or say cruel or embarrassing things about you in private or in front of people?
  • They consider your feelings and opinions worthless?

These are all the psychological tricks used by narcissists and emotional abusers.  This is a part of their permanent personality and they will not change.  They will continue to make it all your fault, even though you’ve bent over backward trying to fix the obstacles they keep throwing at your feet.

The good news is that you don’t have to suffer in shame and isolation any longer. No more must you be invalidated by friends and family who may mean well, but simply don’t understand what you’re going through.

Unless a person has been through this nightmare, they cannot relate or give you helpful advice. And that’s why I created resources specifically designed to help you detach from painful relationships and begin to heal.

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The teachings you’ll find here provide a compass to empower, awaken and nourish your whole Being — bringing you into harmony with yourself and your important relationships.

The articles, programs, events, and books offered through Let Me Reach are all designed to create harmony, both within and without — because without harmony there is chaos, struggle and suffering. There is a longing for love and compassion, for self-acceptance, and for peace…none of which can be accomplished inside of abusive relationships.

Through these gentle, yet reflective teachings, your trust in the wisdom of your heart will strengthen. You will finally gain the courage to care enough about yourself that you decide, “Not This”.

Maybe we will have to admit that we are in the wrong job. Or the wrong relationship. With the wrong people around us. Living in the wrong neighborhood. Acting out on the wrong behaviors. Using the wrong substances. Pretending to believe things that we no longer believe. Pretending to be something we were never meant to be. This moment of realization is seldom fun. In fact, it’s usually terrifying. I call this moment of realization: NOT THIS ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

Your clarity will expand in all directions, and your profound awareness of the transformative path you are on will become a map of hidden treasures, helping you uplevel your confidence in yourself as you release old beliefs and old habits that no longer serve you.

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