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There’s a thing they talk about now on social media where passive viewers and readers get information from other people’s experiences and opinions. They call it ‘lurking,’ but that’s really a pretty negative word for what can be a positive experience all around. 

In some ways, it’s a lot like that traditional practice of just reading your local advice column in your newspaper or online magazine.

It’s true that you can learn a lot of things from listening to other people’s experiences. Here’s some of what you might encounter.

You’re Not Alone

Reading these kinds of columns and understanding other people’s experiences shows us that we are not alone in experiencing narcissist abuse or other problems.

In fact, that’s part of the reason that some people read these columns to get some reassurance that their crazy life is not so uniquely crazy after all. Reading some of the columns, you might come away with the perspective that some people face even more extreme problems than what you’re used to. There’s a certain kind of sympathy and catharsis here, but you also start to learn about some of the likely outcomes from certain types of interpersonal scenarios. That’s not “lurking” – lots of people post about their own experiences to help others, and to show that they have remained strong in the face of adversity. You can see it on Facebook, on Quora, everywhere. The Internet can bring us together for sharing. 


Another thing that you learn if you read deeply is that many of these situations are very challenging. They affect people for life, and they affect relationships for the long term. You’ll hear experts suggest that people have to distance themselves from toxic individuals, even if they are family members or close friends. You can see that this is easier said than done, and you can understand some of the big challenges around changing lives in this way.

You Can Change It

On the flip side of that, listening to other people’s experiences, whether personally or in print, will show you some of the solutions that others have found. You may get a new inspiration around the idea that you can find a way out of some of the most crippling and painful interactions with a narcissist.

For more, check out the website as we strive to help others to regain their footing in life and protect themselves from narcissist abuse. We want you to achieve progress in healing, and feel better about your life. 

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Karen says September 3, 2021

My heart goes out to so many get help I truly mean this. There are kind people who care. It has taken me over a year, a year to see this nasty immature person for what they fully are. They cannot live within a mature society they are childish beyond anything. It is all about their needs if they continue and never change as they get older then they never will. Some ghost some show aggression some both infantile they have no logic. My family try sometimes to over come this but “YOU CAN’T” they are incapable of maturity. They put themselves number one if you want a relationship with them then they expect you to put them first. Our daughter reached out a very mature woman she has had a nine hour open heart surgery met up with the narc no empathy didn’t even ask how she was doing yet so many times we helped her. We bought toys for our grandson who we have been blocked from seeing tried hard our daughter met up for his birthday. We all thought we had a breakthrough our daughter started to build up a relationship with her brother but after said birthday just four weeks later ghosted blocked from social media yet again childish games infantile. The said person constantly does this to people. Our daughter has had organ replacement a large scar right down her chest major heart op five months ago covid uk and this nasty b has stopped her seeing her nephew as soon as she saw his aunt trying for a relationship with her brother. We as parents even sent some lovely presents for his birthday and for her and my son not even a thankyou was given.,

Sandy says August 5, 2021

Kim, I’ve been “lurking” in your blog for years. You taught me all the very best, most sound information I’ve found anywhere. The things I learned from you enabled me to break free and stay free from the seriously toxic relationship I was stuck in. I admire you as a person, and as a professional and expert on the subject of narcissistic abuse and healing. Your blog is the only place I recommend to any I encounter who have a problem with this type abuse. Thank you so much! And may God bless you and keep you and your’s, Kim!

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