signs you’re an old soul

12 Signs You’re an Old Soul

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There’s a part of you that has always felt different from other people. You’ve always felt older than your actual age. As a child, you probably got along well with adults, but kids your age seemed too immature, too silly. These are some of the signs you’re an old soul.

And even today, at times, you feel a bit misunderstood. You look at the world uniquely, and your thoughts can seem overwhelming and complex to others.

If these statements apply, you’re probably an old soul, a special kind of person who tends to be reflective, empathic, and highly intelligent. Let’s get into some of the other signs you’re an old soul.

1 – You’re Often Told You Don’t Act Your Age

Did teachers use to tell you that you were wise beyond your years? Are your friends all significantly older than you? Do you find it hard to relate to people your age?

Old souls tend to gravitate towards wisdom. As a result, they often struggle with relationships during childhood, adolescence, and even young adulthood. They feel more serious than their peers, and they don’t know how to connect with them. 

As an adult, you might embrace this part of yourself. You probably find immense joy in having older friends or role models, and you feel inspired by what they can offer you.

2 – You’ve Always Been Responsible 

Even if you went through a rebellious phase, it was probably tame and short-lived. As a child, you were the steadfast and reliable one. You turned in your homework on time and completed your chores sufficiently. Other parents may have marveled over you, wishing their own children had your temperament. 

As an adult, you tend to be calculated. You value structure and order. You like knowing what lies ahead, even though you know life is inherently abstract. 

Your tendency towards great responsibility often leaves little room for risk. As a result, you may feel stuck in a particular routine. Even if you want to “live a little,” the idea of reckless behavior can frighten and even repel you.

3 – You Enjoyed Culture From a Young Age

As a child, you probably devoured adult paperbacks when everyone else was reading chapter books. Or, maybe you had an affinity for classical music when high school friends blasted Top 40 on the radio.

You tend to appreciate culture- in all its forms. As an old soul, you respect the nuances of how different people live their lives. You want to expose yourself to these different cultures, and you seek opportunities to make that happen.

Subsequently, you also like good food, good wine, and good art, and you aren’t willing to settle for less than the best. Indeed, you may have been the child ordering adult entrees while your peers dined on chicken nuggets!

4 – You Crave Solitude 

You relish those long delicious afternoons spent devouring a book, hiking, or watching documentaries. You look forward to when you can leave a crowded party, even if it’s full of your closest friends.

It’s not that old souls don’t enjoy the company. Instead, you generally tend to gravitate towards introversion. When you do spend time with people, you desire meaningful interactions. You will always prefer spending time with just one or two close friends instead of a group of twelve acquaintances. 

Moreover, old souls simply love thinking and imagining. That’s why you don’t mind so much alone time. It gives you more of a chance to explore your inner world. 

5 – You Don’t Need a Lot of Material Things

Worldly possessions just don’t cut it for you- they don’t bring you profound happiness. At times, you still give in and indulge in the latest shiny object. But the reality sets in quickly, and you might even feel guilty for your purchase. 

Research on overconsumption confirms this dissatisfaction- spending money doesn’t make us happier, and clutter can actually exacerbate stress. And yet, most people continue buying and buying and buying, hoping that their next gadget will bring forth change. 

Old souls value the intangible gifts of life. You long for insight, self-actualization, and human connection. For these reasons, you probably steer towards a more minimalist existence. You know exactly what you need, and you might even abhor the concept of overcompensation. 

6 – You Can’t Tolerate Inauthenticity 

Fake news, fake people- these aren’t just annoyances to you. In many ways, they feel completely unacceptable, and you actively strive to avoid them at all costs. 

Other people may laugh and encourage you to just ‘lighten up.’ These off-handed statements can be even more frustrating. You don’t want to lighten up and pretend that something isn’t bothering you. You don’t want to brush things under the rug when they’re clearly problematic.

7 – You Overanalyze Every Situation

You are methodological and intentional. When presented with a choice, you want to know every available option. And beyond that, you take the time to visualize how each option will play itself out.

At times, this tendency can be frustrating for both you and your loved ones. After all, it would be nice just to make a decision and hope for the best! But that’s not how you’re wired. You need plenty of time and space to process your next move.

Fortunately, you tend to be highly intuitive. As long as you can analyze the situation appropriately, you usually make intelligent and effective decisions.

8 – You Enjoy Challenging Yourself for the Sake of the Challenge

Old souls don’t want lots of leisure time. They want to feel fulfilled and moved. They desire to live a passionate, meaningful life. 

Because of this desire, you may seek out adventures that other people deem crazy. For instance, you might embrace the idea of backpacking in a foreign country, even if you can afford the glamorous hotel. Or, you might choose to learn a new language- just because you can, just because it seems interesting. 

You aren’t afraid of failing, but you also aren’t motivated by success. Instead, you find meaning in the challenge. You enjoy the thrill of pushing yourself to the limits, even if there isn’t an explicit reward at the end.

9 – You Always Ask Questions

You rarely accept anything at face value. You need to know the whys and the hows. You want the full breakdown, the truth behind everything you learn.

And so, you’re curious. You ask difficult questions. You’re hungry for knowledge, and you don’t feel satisfied until you receive the education you desire.

10 – You Read Other People Well 

You might identify as an empath or highly sensitive person. You don’t fall for quick wit or cheap charm. You key into parts of people that others might not notice.

As a result, you tend to be picky with vulnerability. It’s not that you don’t let your walls come down. It’s simply that you don’t want to give away any part of yourself if you don’t believe the other person can meet your needs. 

As a result, people might perceive you as aloof or even cold. You might feel guilty about coming across this way, but the guilt doesn’t usually incentivize you enough to change your ways.

11 – You Often Feel Like You’re in an Existential Crisis 

An existential crisis refers to the awareness of death coupled with questioning the meaning of life. These crises can cause you to reevaluate your relationships and priorities. They can trigger mixed emotions- many people experience feeling frightened, stuck, or guilty. 

But some may feel inspired by their crises. They can perceive them as a turning point for doing something differently.

Generally speaking, these crises feel ordinary to you. You may even feel like you’re always in the midst of one! That’s because you have a keen awareness of life and all that it entails. You also probably enjoy philosophy or spirituality, both of which can encapsulate existentialism.

12 – You Have Experienced Some Kind of Serious Childhood Trauma 

Sometimes, children transform into old souls because the world has hardened them. They may not feel safe to be silly or innocent. They’ve endured pain, and once you know pain, it’s hard to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Childhood trauma can include anything from physical abuse to neglect to hostility from your caretakers. It may also entail bullying, financial distress, or sexual assault. These traumas sometimes compound on one another, and they can leave a devastating impact.

However, your old soul may serve to protect you. You have seen the ugly parts of life, but you keep plunging forward. You just know you shouldn’t let your guard down too quickly. 

Is It Good or Bad To Have Signs You’re an Old Soul?

If you have signs of an old soul, know that it is a part of who you are. It is likely as unchangeable as a feature like your blood type or eye color. 

That said, old souls often live meaningful and beautiful lives. They leave lasting impressions on others, and they work hard to make the world a better place. You may face challenges, and you might feel somewhat disconnected, but remember that your soul is inherently unique. You deserve to take up space wherever you go.

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