When A Parent Is A Narcissist

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We often think of relationships with narcissistic people in terms of those with whom we choose to be. Still, there is another relationship that we do not select that could be with a narcissistic personality. The relationship we have with our parents is the very basis of our interpersonal learning. How we are cared for and nurtured as children directly impacts how we view ourselves, the world around us, and our places in it.

When it comes to regulating our moods, forming relationships with others, and managing our emotions, our parents are our most significant role models, especially our mothers. How we communicate with others and navigate personal relationships directly revolves around our experiences with our parents during our formative years. We look to our parents for support, encouragement, guidance, and love. But what happens to us if our parent is incapable of establishing a connected relationship with us?

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

A parent who has narcissistic personality disorder can inflict a very different type of parenting on a child, one that can take years to understand and overcome. A narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by having a grandiose view of oneself in response to deeply ingrained insecurities. A narcissist holds themselves in superiority and operates under a sense of entitlement. People with this mental condition are easily enraged and quick to anger at even the most benign of reasons, and they are unable to look critically at their behaviors.

A Parent With Narcissism

A narcissistic parent will live through their children while simultaneously marginalizing their successes. These parents will gladly boast on their children to others, taking credit for their accomplishments, yet internally will feel threatened by their children’s individual development. Such parents tend to be very critical of their children and set unrealistic expectations on them in manipulation.

Learning How To Cope With A Narcissistic Parent

As children, we do not fully grasp that our parent is different from any other parent, and we cannot put the label of ‘narcissist’ on their behavior. But as adults, we can take the steps necessary to understand the personality disorder and learn how to manage and lessen its adverse effects on our lives.

We may find that a support system is needed to overcome the damage of being raised by a narcissistic parent and that seeking assistance from a professional or group setting is vital.

If you need help dealing with a narcissistic parent’s realities, the best course of action is to find a therapist who specializes in emotional trauma therapy and an online program to keep you on track in between sessions and to offer support.  The Essential Break Free Bootcamp has been vetted by therapists and neuropsychologists as an effective step toward getting over narcissistic abuse. 

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