things narcissists don't want you to know

Things Narcissists Don’t Want You to Know

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Are you tired of feeling like you’ve been outsmarted by the narcissist?  Do you experience unhealthy levels of self-loathing each time they pull the wool over your eyes? There are things narcissists don’t want you to know and they will do anything to keep you from finding out!

Narcissists rarely ever admit to it, but all of your worst fears regarding your relationship are playing out just underneath the radar of your awareness. You know that ever-present, vague sense of dread you have in the pit of your stomach, wondering if the narcissist is lying or telling the truth?  That’s your intuition, screaming at you to take heed. 

I hate to dredge up the painful reality of it all, but your narcissist is using the best-kept secrets used by narcissists world-wide – against you!  Secrets that can bring other human beings to their knees – regardless of status, intellect, education, or material wealth.

In the following video, I break down the top 8 things narcissists don’t want you to know…from the narcissist’s perspective!


Now that you are onto their game, you can choose healing habits and begin to recover from narcissistic abuse!

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Nicole Horton says October 17, 2016

Good video, you made this information so plain and easy to understand

    Kim Saeed says October 18, 2016

    Thank you, Nicole! 🙂

Annie says October 16, 2016

He is so beautiful a man. He can get so many women and he does. He sleeps with everything. I cannot believe how cruel he was to me at the end. I was hysterically upset. I hope I stay numb. All I can think is how the new girl will eventually lose her newness and he will keep discarding discarding discarding. But why do I still want him to come back again. I hate myself for falling at all.

Pam says October 14, 2016

This is all so very true to a T. It’s funny how the N in my life reacted to a new guy friend I got while he was off hooking up with a chick who is married and who looks and dresses like a bondage fetish queen . I know that was meant to hurt me but I expected it and I only laughed. She’s actually pretty kewl woman and of course they both lied about them having sec together. But I expected that too and honestly think if I play my cards right I can get no contact with him for reals. I’m planning a move once this happens. He has no clue at all about it. In mean time he sure didn’t like fact I have a new guy friend. And I’m not sitting home crying over fact he is a liar and a cheater who said one thing to me then same thing to another and another. I look at it like he in my past thank god. Right now he is here but I just go and do my thing. I leave him sitting and waiting for me. Which really means I’m gone and he is going through all my things, taking what he wants, and I’m sure there’s a hook up for Sex post on Craigslist by him since that’s what he is good at. But he has stolen all he can there’s nothing else to take. If there is I don’t care. I have to protect me not material goods. And I finally got the nerve to report his actions to police. I wrote a long detailed timeline history of all the fraud and stolen money, accounts I didn’t open in my name. I talked about how he had people coming into my house to take things when we were out somewhere. This only makes it harder to prove it’s him but after 8 years it’s pretty obvious. And sent it to the PROPER authorities. I think the straw that broke the camels back was him being too pushy about me picking him up from a out of town jobsite he was at and I felt like I was being set up and I didn’t goo.?the next day he said he stranded there and I just got in car and went like a fool. Naturally I picked him up and then my vehicle had sudden out of no where trouble which then was another hour gone from home. I get home and my dog is gone, I never found him. I looked every where. Sick thing is so did he. But his reaction wasn’t like normal. He knew this dog nine years ( I’ve known my N 15 yrs) and spent a lot of time with him. But my ex called that dog his dog even though I had the dog and knew he loved me most because I actually bonded with him and care for him . The dog being taken was because my N is pissed at my ex ( who’s a N as well) I looked and looked for my dog. He half assed looked. I went to animal shelter that day by myself because he fell asleep for 11 hours ( probably got up the minute I left) but bottom line is he knew I was wasting my time. And so after two weeks and him not leaving me alone to grieve . & my ex giving me shit cuz my N is at the house so he wouldn’t come down to help me look for OUR dog. I decided to report my last 8 yrs of this kind of thing to police. I didn’t say a word about doing it either. My ex is only one I told and next day my LEOPARD tortoise is missing which is impossible for him to escape his habitat and after 6 hours of looking he is found dead by N in a place I had just check 20 minutes prior and my tortoise eaten by ants which means he wasn’t alive and moved under deck where I’d just checked in that 20 minutes. That’s scary! That’s my life.

    Pam says October 14, 2016

    This video is excellent because it’s all true. N’S will do anything to break away. The confusing fights you have that just are so painful are him needing to go see his new supply. Knowing this you can not fall for their traps to engage you in some meaning less fights. It’s funny just what they will do to get you stirred up and if you refuse to react it throws them off cuz they were sure you’d go balistic and kick them out. Exhausting these types are.

      sylvie says March 8, 2017

      lol so true. im just finding the courage and strength now to say ENOUGH. he leaves hints, then says What’s wrong? do you want to talk about it? Like im the one with the issue lol or he is meeting friends for dinner and he’ll say..i’ll check in on facebook so you know I’m not lying..and are you sure your okay with this cuz I dont’ want to cause more issues with us…Can you imagine if I would said no you can’t go , then it would of been a whole don’t trust em…blah blah blah…your controlling me…blah blah blah…so you know what goooooo…I had a great stressfree night with my son. Funny instincts told me all of this before I even knew such a name or person excisted.

Candyce says October 14, 2016

wow….very powerful. Lots to think about…thank you.

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