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7 Ways To Reduce Self-Doubt After Narcissistic Abuse

Perhaps you have fallen victim to the control and manipulation of a narcissist. You may have become aware of the toxicity in the relationship long ago, but have been too emotionally attached to your abuser

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7 Signs You’re Experiencing Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Recovering from narcissistic and emotional abuse can seem like an ordeal of the most grievous kind. You may have endured months of struggle and suffering without knowing if you’re making any progress

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Emotional Abuse and 7 Signs of Covert Narcissism

Covert narcissism is very difficult to put your finger on. Many people waste years of their lives with covert narcissists trying to figure out the unusual dynamic they’re experiencing in their relationship.

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Adult Children of Narcissists: Healing Childhood Wounding

For Adult Children of Narcissists (ACONs), coming out of denial about the abuse you experienced in childhood is a brave step along your healing journey. When you can look at your parents with objective

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Hope in the Darkness – Life after Narcissistic Abuse

Hope in the Darkness Being a blogger has opened up so many opportunities for me, including making acquaintance with other light-workers around the world. It’s such an amazing feeling to exchange emails

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Energy and Mind Healing Meditation

Transformational healing is a crucial part of recovery from Narcissistic abuse.  Guided meditations are a wonderful and easy way to release past emotional trauma and heal your energy field. During this

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Making Space for Healthy Love after Narcissistic Abuse

How long have you stayed with the Narcissist, waiting for them to change?  To go back to the person they were when you first met them? Five years?  Ten years?  More? Can I be straight up with you? 

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Narcissistic Ex Loves New Partner More

One of the biggest struggles when detaching from an abusive relationship with a Narcissist is the perception that he or she loves their new partner more.  In fact, it enhances feelings of low self-esteem

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Why do I Feel so Attached to my Narcissistic Ex?

This is a common question as it relates to how one perceives their attachment to the Narcissist in their life.  In the beginning, it seemed they’d finally met their soul-mate.  The Narcissist showered

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Narcissistic Abuse Causes Soul Loss

Narcissistic abuse causes soul loss.   People from all walks of life visit this site in hopes of overcoming the emotional (and sometimes physical) abuse that they’ve endured from a Narcissist or

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