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The Narcissist Stalker: Missing You or Mentally Unstable?

Have you tried to end a dysfunctional relationship, but the narcissist won’t let go? Suddenly they are bombarding you with loving texts and emails, and have begun showing up at your social events

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Tame Your Anxieties with Aspen Flower Essence

Recovering from Narcissistic abuse requires emotional, physical and spiritual healing.  Getting yourself to a respected therapist is one of the first steps you should take on your road to recovery.  Many

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I Dreamt of Evil

Last night, I dreamt of demons and evil spirits.  They were after me and the people who were in my house, friends and family members.  We tried making sure all the doors were locked and secured.  I

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I Still Remember You

By Kim Saeed You disappeared so long ago a slow, painful deliverance. Your voice was silenced and you became invisible as you vanished into your captor. He bled your soul into his veins; Because he can

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