…but now, you don’t know what to do next.

You’re sick of living the same day over and over, like a nightmarish version of the movie “Groundhog Day”.

You know things could be different if you could just get over the gut-wrenching pain, but you don’t know where to start or how to take the first step.

If this is you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Rebuilding your life after narcissistic abuse can feel overwhelming and scary.

But it doesn’t have to be!

What if recovery and rebuilding your life could happen quicker than you imagined, allowing you the peace and independence to begin realizing the happiness you thought was impossible?

Here’s a secret: It can.

Introducing the Beyond No Contact online program!

Just imagine rising above the confusion and…

  • Discovering new beliefs, new opportunities, new ways of living you thought were beyond you
  • Beginning the next thrilling chapter of your life, and giving yourself permission to be you
  • Appreciating the good in your life instead of focusing on all the negativity you suffered
  • Being a better parent and offering your children your true presence instead of a zombie who feeds and clothes them, then disappears to a dark bedroom
  • Having energy that leads you to a life full of richness, gratitude, and accomplishment
  • Creating your deal-breakers and personal boundaries and finally sticking to them! No more letting partners (or friends, co-workers, or family members) walk all over you
  • Being able to honor yourself enough so that if red flags pop up in the future, you can walk away and mean it
  • Restoring your shattered identity and sense of self…and becoming a better version of YOU than ever before

…all this and more inside Beyond No Contact!

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The teachings you’ll find here provide a compass to the Mind — Body — Spirit — Emotions … which empower, awaken and nourish your whole Being — bringing you into harmony with yourself and your important relationships.

The articles, programs, events, and books offered through Let Me Reach are all designed to create harmony, both within and without — because without harmony there is chaos, struggle and suffering. There is a longing for love and compassion, for self-acceptance, and for peace.

Through these gentle, yet reflective teachings, your trust in the wisdom of your heart will strengthen. You will deepen your relationship and experience with yourself and your purpose in life.

Your confidence and clarity will expand in all directions, and your profound awareness of the transformative course you are on will become a map of hidden treasures, helping you create a ‘life that dreams are made of’ … the life that you’ve always deserved!

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    How to Overcome Fear After Psychological Narcissistic Abuse

    Understanding how to overcome fear is a crucial part of narcissistic abuse recovery. As you wander out into the world free from the narcissist’s chains, you might feel, well, off. You probably find yourself second-guessing every decision you make. Maybe you’ve noticed your behavior is more impulsive than you remember. This is normal. Why? Narcissistic […]
  • The Wounded Child: 7 Needs Narcissistic Parents Cannot Provide

    The Wounded Child: 7 Needs Narcissistic Parents Cannot Provide

    Living with a narcissistic parent can be devastating, complicated, and downright toxic for children. The home, which should embody a comforting place of safety and love, resembles a quasi-battleground where there is only one clear winner. Furthermore, many of these wounded children grow up falsely believing that their home lives were normal and acceptable. With […]
  • Working The 5 Phases of Trauma Recovery After Narcissistic Abuse

    Working The 5 Phases of Trauma Recovery After Narcissistic Abuse

    When people think of trauma, they tend to imagine isolated events like natural disasters or car accidents. But trauma can take many forms. Narcissistic abuse is a soul-crushing form of trauma because it slowly builds up like an avalanche. In many cases, it affects your identity on a very deep level for several years. That’s […]
  • Healing from Identity Loss After Narcissistic Abuse

    Healing from Identity Loss After Narcissistic Abuse

    Crafting a self-identity is an ongoing process that most people don’t give much concrete thought to – it just kind of happens. You slowly build interests and dreams. You take jobs, learn things, and experience different activities. This all shapes who you are, what you believe, and how you express yourself. Then a narcissist enters […]
  • On a Dating Site?  One of the Top Ways to Avoid Users Online

    On a Dating Site? One of the Top Ways to Avoid Users Online

    One question I see floating around on the internet is, “I am on ABC dating site and this guy or gal I just connected with is asking for a full-length body shot.  What should I do?  I don’t want to come across as a prude. Should I go ahead and send them additional, full frontal […]
  • How Survivors Can Help Current Victims of Narcissist Abuse

    How Survivors Can Help Current Victims of Narcissist Abuse

    You’ve finally made it out of the dark night of narcissistic abuse.  You’ve learned the best strategies for maintaining No Contact and healing…then, you learn that someone you care about is experiencing narcissistic abuse themselves. As a survivor, you may feel the pull to tell your friend or family member how to go about healing […]
  • 7 Types of Hoovers and How to Powerfully Respond

    7 Types of Hoovers and How to Powerfully Respond

    Why should you be concerned about the narcissist and hoovering?   I mean, you’re an intelligent, reflective, and cautious person.  You can typically smell deceit from a mile away.   But, perhaps there’s room for more vigilance.  Here’s why… The breakup between you and your toxic ex happened a while ago. It’s been a tough road, but you’ve […]
  • The Spirituality of Narcissistic Abuse

    The Spirituality of Narcissistic Abuse

    If anyone had told me ten years ago that narcissistic abuse had a spiritual element to it, I would have waved them off as senseless. How could anyone in their right mind ever believe that the systematic devastation of another person’s life could possibly contain a hint of spirituality? Narcissistic abuse is deliberately inflicted by […]

Beyond No Contact

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I have been No Contact for a while, but need help with deeper healing, learning who I am, re-building, and/or how to show up in healthy relationships.

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