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I Was There…The 2011 Egyptian Revolution

January 2011. The first revolution of the Egyptian people.  I was in my third week of student teaching at the American International School of Egypt when the initial murmurs of a revolution made its rounds.

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Ditch Plan B = Success

We’ve all seen the blogs, videos and advertisements about creating the life we want.  By following this formula or joining that group and paying lots of your hard-earned money to someone, you can be

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One-Stop Safe Skincare Shopping List for Abuse Survivors

If you are healing from the trauma of emotional abuse, it’s important to take care of the outside just as much as the inside.  You may be surprised to learn that chemicals enter your body through

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7 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

  One of the elements of attracting positivity into our lives is the concept of “raising our vibration”.  You know… getting into the flow; feeling giddy; wallowing in our own awesomeness, etc.  There’s

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