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The Non-Narc’s Guide to “Cluster B” for Recovering Abuse Survivors

~ by Ven Baxter The online Narcissistic Abuse Recovery community, as represented in social media groups, website message boards, personal blogs, and video comment threads, has a certain lingo that newcomers

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Awareness and Responsibility: Two Initial Steps to Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

There are two basic steps to recovery from Narcissistic abuse, and they are taken both within and after a “romantic” relationship with a Cluster B personality-disordered partner.  The first

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The Non-Narcissist’s Pledge

This is a list of promises that (if carried out) might “cure” a Narcissist of many of the more abusive traits of Cluster B personality disorders and other Narcissistic behavior patterns…but it’s

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How to Protect Yourself Against Psychic Hoovering

It’s unsettling, it’s eerie, it’s downright inexplicable.  You’ve finally gone No Contact — and then experience soul-wrenching episodes similar to these: You drive by the restaurant that

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Have You Been a Victim of Emotional Vampirism?

Written by Ven Baxter Some of the greatest teachers and healers in history have famously been murdered–presumably by “negative” people. Jesus and Socrates both come to mind. Presumably, these great

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The Narcissist’s Secret Playground – Burning Man

*Warning* – Do not read this article if you are faint of heart regarding topics of a sexual nature I almost didn’t write this article…mainly because I didn’t want to give any ideas to the followers

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How Life Experience Can Reveal Deep Psychological Wounds

Ven Baxter Painful experience NOW exposes hidden inner wounds, and when the inner pain is released, a “lost” part of the self is regained and rejoined to the personality, which becomes more whole–more

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An Open Letter to Friends and Family of Narcissistic Abuse Victims

Ven Baxter If you’ve never been in a close relationship with a narcissist, it may not be easy to imagine. It might be impossible. It may not be easy for a survivor of narcissistic abuse to relate

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Self-care and Healing from Workplace Bullying

Dawn Marie Westmoreland We all know that burnt out feeling when we are tired or overwhelmed in our lives.  It may come on slowly, but it can really affect us personally and professionally when we are

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