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Do you have a narcissistic abuse recovery blog and want to offer more to your readers?

Or, do you have your own coaching or healing practice with a mission to help people recover from narcissistic abuse?

Do you want to be part of the global shift that’s happening right now and help heal the world from the trauma of emotional abuse?


Now you can make money when you refer someone to The Heal, Grow, Evolve Academy!

All you have to do is sign up for our affiliate program – and simply post the links provided to you – to your blog, email list, channel, social networks, word of mouth, etc. – and your affiliate links will earn 40% commissions from purchases made through those links. 

Yes, it’s that easy!

You share the link, they click, and you make money when a purchase is made. 


Interested in joining? 

How It Works:

Refer people to The Heal, Grow, Evolve Academy.  

  • Simply enroll in the school by following the pink link provided right above (you don’t have to sign up for any courses).
  • Email us at [email protected] to let us know you’ve enrolled, and we’ll then make you an affiliate inside the school’s platform.  
  • Once you’ve been made an affiliate, you will see the Affiliate Dashboard the next time you sign into the school. 
  • You’ll be able to view your reports and payout information.  
  • Currently, both The Break Free Program course and THRIVE are open for registration!
  • New courses will be added periodically to the Heal, Grow, Evolve Academy, and you’ll continue to earn 40% even when course prices increase!  (Commissions are based on enrollment in courses, minus any refunds requested).

Ready to sign up?

Join our Affiliate Program at The Heal, Grow, Evolve Academy to earn commissions on course enrollments- remember to email [email protected] so you can be promoted to affiliate status.

Images To Use

You can find images for each item on their appropriate page. Simply go to the product page, right-click on the image you want, and save file to download it. You can resize the images to suit your needs. Place your product link in the image URL. 

Ideas For Increasing Sales

Affiliate marketing works because your audience trusts what you suggest when you do so from an authentic place. When you speak of products that you know would be useful, from an honest and vulnerable place, people tend to connect and resonate with that. I’ve found that affiliate links fit best in blog posts where: 

  • You write a list post rounding up your favorite things and resources for a specific topic, including links to the products you wish to suggest. 
  • You write a personal blog post on some resources that really helped you navigate a specific time in your life
  • You provide guidance on how to resolve a problem, with links to suggested resources to help that problem be solved. 
  • You write a post where you overcame a struggle or a difficult period in your life, including relevant affiliate links to things that helped you. 

Your audience wants to hear your recommendations – so the most genuine blog posts, videos, or content you can put out referring a product you personally recommend will likely be the most fruitful for you. Give and receive! 

Also – pay attention to sales and new product launches. These are the times when sales are highest! Send an email to your list letting them know, and be sure to include your affiliate links! 

When you sign up to become an affiliate, you join a network of healers, intuitives, bloggers, and colleagues within your community who seek to inspire, help, and heal others. 

Ready To Join the Kim Saeed Healers Network?

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