7 Proven Strategies to Break the Narcissistic Spell!

Learn how narcissists hook you in, keep you hypnotized, and how you can release yourself from the narcissistic vortex.

Next, learn how you can start dissolving the trauma bond and teach yourself to think empowering thoughts so you can break free from narcissistic abuse.

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You deserve to live your life without fear of backlash and abuse just for being yourself. Here's how this workshop will help.  

Identify how the narcissist is brainwashing you using the same psychological warfare techniques as infamous manipulators.

Discover seven steps to remove the toxic stronghold the narcissist has over your life and stamp out cognitive dissonance.

Learn about further training which can take you much deeper into these powerful teachings and practices for survivors and thrivers.

I can hardly wait to share these liberating truths with you!

When you join me in this workshop, you will walk away feeling more empowered and hopeful for your future.  I teach you everything I learned through blood, sweat, and tears so you don't have to learn things the hard way like I did.  Even better, everything I cover in this workshop has been validated by folks in the psychological and neuroscientific communities, so you can feel secure in the information I share with you.  

Kim Saeed
Creator, The Essential Break Free Bootcamp
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