Hope Is An Infinite Resource

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Here in this office, we collect sayings about hope, because of its importance to what we do, and how we think about how to break free of the challenges of narcissist abuse.

“Hope springs eternal.”

“Hope floats.”

We know that hope is key, and that preserving it is integral to the process of helping yourself climb out of a difficult situation. We know that intuitively, from helping many people to get over roadblocks that seem insurmountable at a given time. 

Hope is there. But too often, people lose sight of this infinite resource. It’s all around them; they just can’t access it. It’s like being lost in outer space without a space suit…or like one of our friends has said, it’s like you’re in the dark looking for a light switch. The light switch is there, but you can’t see it to turn it on. 

Then you turn the switch and – a ha! – there is light…

New Life

When those who have suffered are finally able to remove the blinders from their eyes and free themselves, they do feel that hope abounding.

Our Essential Break Free Bootcamp is rated as the number one online recovery program partly because it’s so effective in helping others to build that hope up again when it seems to be absent from their lives. That’s the mission that we are on, to really help a person who feels helpless, and hopeless. 

Part of this is about how you see other people, but part of it is also about how you see yourself. However, another really crucial thing to think about here is that dealing with the fallout of a narcissist abuse of patterns is never the victim’s fault. It stems from the aggression of some other party who has created the problem with toxic and aggressive behavior. Then when you really think about it, when you free yourself from all of the gaslighting etc, you see it for what it really is. 

That’s important to remember, and it’s also important to remember the promise of hope – that it is abundant and ever present despite everything that assaults us day and night. That journey is what has led us to network with our partners like the Mental Health News Radio Network – to reach out and be a beacon to those who want to heal. Hope is there and healing is possible. It’s all in how you approach it. Don’t be afraid to get in touch to turn over an important new leaf in your life. 


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Jonna Christensen says October 8, 2021

Kim, you are sooo spot on!!!
I am forever grateful for having found you.
Love from Jonna (Denmark)

    Kim Saeed says October 28, 2021

    Jonna, I am so glad to know I’ve helped you on your journey. Sending hugs.


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