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I am excited to guest post on this wonderful blog as a part of my virtual book tour.  My first book, “Sex Lies & Alibis”, has proven to be helpful to more than just family and friends.  Many have given their reviews of the book including a 5-STAR independent review.  Thanks to Kim Saeed for this wonderful opportunity.

I recently spoke with several victims of abuse and it was so refreshing to see them all thriving and making a good life for themselves.  The common theme I heard from them all is that they finally found the courage to separate from their abusers.  Some totally abandoned everything they owned to somehow become business owners; corporate leaders; counselors and the like.

Men who abuse women probably don’t realize how much they have become a serpent seeking to devour the seed of the woman, but I see her as triumphant when I look at what remains:

  • Although tempted to distrust, these women remained confident.

Chapter 5 of my book talks about the power men have to improve on whatever they are given, but instead many have added to the damaging statistics of domestic violence. The confidence and comfort these women had would be a riddle from a merely human perspective.  They endured harsh words and pain that would have discouraged most from the hope of a successful relationship, yet they remained confident and are thriving through it all.

  • Even at their wits’ end, their foundation remained.

Isn’t it the ultimate affliction and oppression to destroy the foundation of a woman instead of building upon it? If a man can destroy a woman’s hope in love what else is there to hope for as relational beings? What can any of us do without loving or being loved?  These women remained strong in their foundation which is what kept them from eternal misery because they still had the ability to receive love from the man who would finally treat them like the treasure they are.

  • No matter how bleak the outlook of her domestic situation became, her seed remained.

Even though an oak tree sheds its leaves in the winter, there is still substance in it. Though it may be stripped of its outward prosperity, it will recover in due season and flourish again. The foundation remains strong.  So it is with a woman; the seed in her soul gives her substance; the blessing of grace sustains her life; and the ability to carry the seed of mankind, should be enough to hold her in high esteem.

My book is an inspirational relationships book that exposes a culture of exploitation and why the current dating culture continues to fail. It talks about how we are all vulnerable to a distinct mix of outside forces that can sabotage the success of any relationship whether married or single.  It is then packed with ways to improve your relationship and will present you with a new approach that is guaranteed to be worth every step outlined.

I will be checking back daily to respond to your comments concerning this post or any questions you want to ask.  In the meantime, here are some great ways that you can give back with your purchase.

  1. Use Amazon Smile to make your purchase and automatically give .5% to a charity of your choice! I chose Shared Hope International from the available choices.
  2. Gift a book to a friend and we will donate 20% to groups fighting human trafficking.
    3.Donate this book to your local library. No library will turn down donated books, the more copies in circulation the better. 
    4.  Recommend this to your book club and use chapter 2 to launch a discussion about human trafficking. Email me to set up a free awareness discussion:
    5. Purchase the eBook from Google Play and we will donate 10% to groups helping to end Domestic Violence.

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mothererased says December 26, 2014

Best wishes on the book promotion! Such a worthy and important topic.

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