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The Scary Truth about Halloween Cereals

Okay, so I had a nostalgic moment in the grocery store last week and grabbed all three of General Mills’ Halloween cereals:  Franken Berry, Boo Berry, and Count Chocula.  After all, I’m a sucker for anything that can evoke memories from a time when everything seemed okay in the world.

At first glance, the cereals seemed harmless enough.  Each of them touted something along the lines of “whole grains, low sugar, zero fat”…and hey, they even came nestled in boxes made from 100% Recycled Paperboard.  As I went through the check-out line, I glanced lovingly at the boxes as a strange and eerie feeling came over me.  I hadn’t checked the ingredient labels.  I brushed the feeling aside and went about my merry way.

Once at home, I put everything away and excitedly poured a small bowl of Boo Berry.  Its appearance was much different than when I was a youth, having a “reactive” look to it.  Not only that, it smelled strangely of dog biscuits topped with sugar.  I took a bite…tasted just as I imagine the box it came in must taste…or perhaps dog biscuits.  Yuck.  I looked at the ingredients.  Much to my horror, my earlier suspicions while in checkout were confirmed.  Here is what I almost fed to my poor, unsuspecting children:

  1. Dextrose – overuse can lead to an excess in body fat due to the way it’s processed in the body; pancreatic overreaction to very high blood sugar, leading to low blood sugar levels, or hypoglycemia.
  2. Red 40 – the most-widely used and consumed dye. Accelerates the appearance of immune system tumors in mice. It also causes hypersensitivity (allergy-like) reactions in some consumers and triggers hyperactivity in children.  Contains cancer-causing chemicals.
  3. Blue 1 – Blue 1 not only causes our children to be overactive and hyper (which then prompts the pediatrician to put them on drugs for ADHD), there are many other dangers associated specifically with Blue 1, from stunted growth to behavioral and learning problems.  Also:  asthma attacks, headaches, nausea, fatigue, nervousness, lack of concentration, and cancer.
  4. Yellow 5 & 6 (Count Chocula) – Other countries, like the UK, have required that food companies label products containing Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 with a warning that says: “May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.”  Causes hyperactivity and the body converts these color additives to carcinogens (cancer).
  5. In addition to causing hyperactivity in children, BHT and BHA are considered carcinogens by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Yet the FDA allows them to be used in foods.

Obviously, the FDA has been ruined by politics and greed.  But, because of greed and political manipulations, our children, our FUTURE, are being endangered!  In the last four decades, the rate of children with cancer has increased by 50%. This is not a coincidence.  Think twice before buying a box of poison for your child’s breakfast.

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Alma says October 4, 2013

Great article Kim. Thank you for this valuable information. I have really started reading the labels to avoid this exactly.

    Kim Saeed says October 5, 2013

    It really makes all the difference, Ladybug…

juiceplusforyou says October 4, 2013

Reblogged this on juiceplusforyou.

bethbyrnes says October 4, 2013

You and I were on the same wavelength! This is one of my pet topics. I never buy this stuff. Did you know that a lot of materials that are by-products of other manufacturing are buried in processed foods? That is a way to use every bit of waste and profit from it, hang the cost to our bodies, especially our children’s bodies. And how do they do this? Advertising to children from birth to grave. They have it all figured out, what lures us in at every stage.

    Kim Saeed says October 4, 2013

    Wow. Didn’t know the part about using the waste from other factories. Ewww. I just wish I could get more people to acknowledge the dangers of the food we eat every day. I just can’t comprehend that this isn’t more important to people, especially parents! When I start talking about it to friends and family, there’s an obvious zoning out, or they try to justify continuing to eat the poison on the shelves. I can’t, in good conscience, buy the stuff anymore, yet it seems to be acceptable to mainstream society…I like your statement, “hang the cost to our bodies”. That just about sums it up.

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