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Join 30,000 others who have signed up for the 10-Day Email Recovery Series and Healing Toolkit. Includes free seating in the life-changing masterclass, 7 Proven Steps to Narcissistic Abuse Recovery.

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inspirationnet says August 11, 2013

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I think I need to buy this poster!

MasterMind secret of Law of Attraction says August 11, 2013

Hi Kim …. I read your advice above and I want to share my experience. I have my blogs and websites for the last 3 years and if you are trying to sell anything I must share that social media networks are important for the simple reason they add to the movement of traffic. With billions of sites online … it is pretty difficult to be found. A sharing through the buttons for social media sites is an easier way to manage time. I wish you gals success too.

    Kim Saeed says August 11, 2013

    Yes, if your goal is to sell, then I would definitely focus on social media 🙂 ….but, Helena’s focus was to build her audience, which is accomplished in a different way. I am glad you’ve has success in driving sales traffic to your sites! You rock!

Richard_Blaquiere (@V_N_O) says August 10, 2013

Very good advise!

    Kim Saeed says August 10, 2013

    Thank you! I’m glad you stopped by and found something you liked 🙂

soulspeak2013 says August 10, 2013

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Drop and give me ZEN! | georgelelis says August 9, 2013

[…] Drop and give me ZEN!. […]

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